Market-Driving Strategies

Market-Driving Strategies
by Josiah Go

Learn to go beyond the usual brand switching type of promo orientation, master Market-Driving Strategies (MDS), which according to Dr. Philip Kotler, is the 4th major type of market orientation. Stand out in the market place by competing on brand relevance instead of brand preference, think gaining market penetration not just market shares without market growth.  Attend this paradigm-busting course to grow beyond your present source of revenue and profit. Apply MDS process, principles, tools and framework with a generous amount of local and international cases to attract new demand from 9 unserved and underserved markets in your industry.
Each participant will learn: 
·         Discover the process, principles, tools and framework of Market-Driving Strategy that can help your brand or business experience real and sustainable growth.
·         Change your thought process by bringing strategic thinking elements into your work 
·         Explore potential new market opportunities by looking beyond traditional boundaries of growth    
The company will gain: 
·         Identify market-driving opportunities complementing traditional market-driven strategy 
·         Systematize market diagnosis and analytical ability of your executives 
·         Gain hands-on experience on how to improve your firm's profitability beyond being prisoner of cutthroat competition   
MARKET-DRIVING STRATEGY (MDS) helps companies redefine brand relevance instead of continuing costly brand preference.  It combines 3 important ingredients needed toward a sustainable future: Marketing + Innovation + Strategy Planning MDS brings strategic thinking back to marketing. Participants shall work in small groups and apply the 7-step MDS process.     
·         Module 1: Introduction to Market-Driving Strategy: Why 99% of Marketing Plans Are Inadequate
·         What is Market-Driving Strategy?
·         Where are you in the 4 types of market orientation?
·         6 quick marketing and strategy questions we seldom ask
·         How to really compete in an industry 
·         4 levels of differentiation 
·         Why UAI, Benchmarking and Best Practices are not good for market-driving strategy
·         7 steps process of Market-Driving Strategy
·         Finding the sweet spot: Pain points vs. pain killers
·         State of contemporary marketing
·         Lessons in MDS
·         Sharing exercise
Module 2: Process, Principles, Tools and Framework of Market-Driving Strategies
·         Step 1: Performance audit: Turning facts into assumptions 
·         Step 2: New demand wheel: Decoding 9 underserved / unserved markets 
·         Step 3: BIDA Check-up: Uncovering 5 growth barriers
·         Step 4: Insighting Clues: Finding new truths to get out of cut-and-paste status quo
·         Step 5: Ideation Windows: 8 Ways to think out-of-the-box
·         Step 6: MDS Planning Map: Creating newness to create new demand and reinvent your industry
·         Step 7: MDS Hexagon: Converting compelling concept into compelling profit
Be inspired with a generous number of local and international case studies to be discussed:    
·         How to leapfrog from being number 3 to number 1 
·         How to make competition have a hard time to match your offer 
·         How to revive a declining industry 
·         How to compete with low price competitors 
·         How to lower your price but still make a lot of money 
·         How to “delegate” tasks and make your customers happy 
·         How to spot vulnerabilities in your value chain 
·         How to expand markets that are considered saturated 
·         How to spot areas for growth potential 
·         How to prioritize which non-user segments to exploit 
·         How to use benefit segmentation to enlarge your market 
·         How to convert deep seated customer’s frustration into an opportunity 
·         How to handle customer bonding opportunities with few questions that really matter 
·         How to convert traditional strategic planning process into category growth planning process 
·         How to improve ideation in your company 
·         How to create new demand instead of cannibalizing your existing volume        


  • Ideally, the entire management team composed of CEO, managing director, head and key managers of functional groups (marketing, sales, trade marketing, R&D, finance, strategic planning, operation, HRD) who want to challenge industry norms and break the rules.
  • Executives of strategy teams who want to set the pace in their industry
  • Leaders of change in dynamic companies.
  • Entrepreneurs needing a mindset change.
  • Anyone who has influence in the future direction of their organization.

Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist
Josiah Go is chairman of 12 corporations and author of 17 best-selling marketing books. His specialization is in the area of market-driving strategy, business model innovation, profit strategy and innopreneurship where he has personally facilitated over 1,000 marketing, strategy and innovation workshops here and abroad since 1990. He took advanced marketing and innovation programs at MIT Sloan, Kellogg, London Business School, Wharton and at the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute.
For pioneering and successfully sharing many educational initiatives, “Joe” was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2001, and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World in 2002 in the field of business education, and was awarded by his peers the rare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 by the Association of Marketing Educators. He was also accorded the World Brand Leadership Award in 2009.