8th Consumer Promotions


Next to prices, sales promotions are the most important drivers of value perception in a retail business. Yet, there are too many promotions that are simply "me too" approaches, conducted mechanically, or purely tactical in approach. In this seminar, you will understand how to use promotions to drive business growth, while also building brand equity. Learn the role of promotions within the marketing mix, how to leverage promotions to drive business growth, and how to use promotions to create excitement and differentiation for your brand. Numerous case studies across industries will allow participants to apply best practices to their own business, as well as gain inspiration for creative approaches to sales promotions. The seminar will also cover the sales promotions planning process: from conceptualization, to formulation of mechanics, promotional metrics, and computing ROI. A workshop putting all learnings together will be undertaken to ensure that the principles are put into practice.



Module 1: Introduction to Sales Promotions

  • What is a sales promotion? 
  • What is the role of sales promotions in the total marketing mix? What can it accomplish? What role does it play relative to the other tools of marketing?

Module 2: Successful Sales Promotions

  • What makes a promotion successful?
  • Learn the 3Es and 2Os of successful promotions. 
  • Understand the different kinds of sales promotions and how to use these according to your goals, whether it is for awareness, trial, repeat visits or loyalty.

Module 3: Sales Promotions Planning

  • Learn how to put together a promotions plan. This step-by-step guide will lead participants through the different parts of the planning process to ensure that each step is conducted for successful implementation. 

Module 4: Sales Promotions Workshop

  • This workshop will allow participants to immediately apply learnings from the seminar to actual practice. Participants will be asked to design sales promotions based on specific goals and targets. 

Module 5: Sales Promotions Trends and Threats

  • Survey the latest trends as well as become cognizant of potential threats in promotions.


Each participant will learn:

  • Understand the role of promotions and wield it as a powerful tool for marketing succes
  • Learn the skills needed to seamless promotions planning and execution
  • Be inspired to creativity and innovation with ideas taken from successful promotions worldwide
  • Learn how to establish the right metrics for assessing promo performance and measuring ROI of promotional investment.
  • Know when to promote, what to promote and how to promote


The company will gain:

  • Maximize your promotional budgets
  • Make promotions work harder for your company and its bottomline
  • Attain a competitive advantage and differentiation through creative, well-conceived, and seamlessly executed promotions.



Chief Retail Strategist 


Frances Yu has over 20 years of experience in retail marketing. She has been the Vice President & Business Unit Head of Rustan’s Supermarket under Rustan’s Supercenters, Inc. (RSCI) - a member of the Dairy Farm International Group and one of the largest chains of hypermarkets and supermarkets in the Philippines. RSCI has various retail brands, namely: Shopwise Hypermarkets, Rustan’s Supermarkets, and Wellcome Community Stores. She is formerly the Vice President and Head of Marketing Operations for RSCI.

Frances Yu has over 10 years of consulting expertise in Corporate Marketing and Marketing Research. She has founded and managed as President the FJY Consulting, Inc. The company provided corporate marketing and management consulting services to leading companies in the Philippines and Asia. She has been the Vice President and General Manager of a marketing research and consulting firm that caters to Top 500 corporations in the retail, banking, telecoms, I,T., manufacturing, services, and public sectors.

She has spoken in various forums and conferences for the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores in Asia, Europe, and South Africa, the National Retailers Conference and Stores Asia Expo, Philippine Direct Marketing, National Research Congress, Philippine Marketing Association, and Association of Marketing Educators (Philippines). She has shared her invaluable insights and frameworks on retail branding, customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, and market intelligence.

Frances Yu is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of BA in English Literature of Fordham University, New York. She is also co-author of the Mansmith Mentors' List : the 8 P's of Marketing

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Deadline : Jul 31, 2018