3rd Beyond Advertising: The Brand as Experience

Great brands become great not through what they say, but what they do.  The empowered consumer has learned how to evaluate products and services based on their own merit rather than to rely on advertising claims.  Great brands earn our love and loyalty not by talking about themselves in advertising or social media, but by creatively designing and consistently delivering great customer experiences.

Customer experience is how customers perceive their interactions with your brand. As brands evolve from names of products to become personal expressions of customer values and lifestyles, the need for value-adding and differentiated customer experiences has grown.  Consumers are looking for experiences that complement their lifestyle and brands that reflect their aspirations.  And they are willing to pay a price premium for these experiences.

Customer experience is the new battleground for competitive differentiation.  Companies that provide a great customer experience are able to enjoy enhanced customer satisfaction, command a price premium, and generate a strong following of brand advocates.

In this seminar, you will recognize the role of the brand and advantages of a strong brand, as well as how to harness customer experiences to create differentiation and preference for your brand.  You will understand why sellling goods and services is no longer enough in a hyper competitive market, ever demanding consumers, and increasing commoditization, across industries. You will learn the methods and tools of experiential marketing and learn the 3 legs of creating great customer experiences.

In this seminar, participants will also be introduced to the Mansmith Customer Experience framework that is designed to help you create extraordinary customer experiences for competitive advantage.

This seminar is designed to be of relevance to all consumer products, retail, service, and other industries.  It is meant for business leaders, owners, managers--the people who can ensure that their companies unleash the full potential of their brands.

Key Topics:

  • What is a brand?  What are the advantages of a strong brand?
  • 3 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand
  • The Brand as Experience: Customer Experience as the New Competitive Battleground
  • The Rise of Experiential Marketing
  • The 5 Approaches to Experiential Marketing
  • The 3 Legs of Great Customer Experiences:  Products, People, and Process
  • The Mansmith Customer Experience Framework
  • How Digital is Changing the Customer Experience
  • Workshop:  Creating a Customer Experience Strategy and Plan using the Mansmith Customer Experience Framework

Who Should Attend:

This program is highly-recommended for cross-functional teams comprised of general management, senior and mid-level marketing managers, operations managers, and HR managers.  It is also recommended for those who are tasked with planning and execution of in-store activations, events planning and other creative agencies.

Benefits for Participants:

  • Understand the importance of the customer experience in cultivating loyalty and advocacy for your brand.
  • Develop the knowledge and tools to create differentiated and memorable customer experiences for your business.
  •  Acquire a format and framework for putting together a customer experience strategy and plan for your organization
  • Learn from best practices in experiential marketing in consumer products, retail, service, and other industries locally and abroad
  • Raise your value as a marketer to your organization and understand how to work in cross-functional teams to elevate the customer experience in your organization

Benefits for Your Organization:

  • Enhance customer experiences to increase loyalty, margins, and profits
  • Upgrade the skills of key personnel who have a direct impact on the customer experience in your organization
  • Understand and adapt more effectively to the rapid changes that are taking place in business today and the changing customer needs and preferences 


Frances Yu
Chief Retail Strategist

Frances Yu has over 20 years of experience in retail marketing. She has been the Vice President & Business Unit Head of Rustan’s Supermarket under Rustan’s Supercenters, Inc. (RSCI) - a member of the Dairy Farm International Group and one of the largest chains of hypermarkets and supermarkets in the Philippines. RSCI has various retail brands, namely: Shopwise Hypermarkets, Rustan’s Supermarkets, and Wellcome Community Stores.  She is formerly the Vice President and Head of Marketing Operations for RSCI.

Frances Yu has over 10 years of consulting expertise in Corporate Marketing and Marketing Research. She has founded and managed as President the FJY Consulting, Inc. The company provided corporate marketing and management consulting services to leading companies in the Philippines and Asia. She has been the Vice President and General Manager of a marketing research and consulting firm that caters to Top 500 corporations in the retail, banking, telecoms, I,T., manufacturing, services, and public sectors.

She has spoken in various forums and conferences for the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores in Asia, Europe, and South Africa, the National Retailers Conference and Stores Asia Expo, Philippine Direct Marketing, National Research Congress, Philippine Marketing Association, and Association of Marketing Educators (Philippines). She has shared her invaluable insights and frameworks on retail branding, customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, and market intelligence.

Frances Yu is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of BA in English Literature of Fordham University, New York.

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