Mansmith Mavens Forum: Marketing to Millennials - 2ND RUN

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the Millennials. Millennials are already the largest generation in the world. With roughly 80 million in the US alone, they officially displaced Boomers a few years ago, and more of them are entering positions of power and economic strength every year. Aged 17 to 34, Millennials are fundamentally unlike any of the previous generations. What this means to marketers is that Millennials cannot be marketed-to in the same way as Boomers or Xers. New approaches are necessary.
In this seminar, you will learn who the Millennials are and how they are different from non-Millennials in terms of behaviors and attitudes. You will gain insight on what motivates them, what drives them, and how they consume media. You will also understand how to engage these early adopters of new technologies and emerging tools, as well a how to build a listening and participation strategy that will help you connect with your brand advocates.
Understanding this diverse generation is a must for every serious marketer in order to move forward into the future.
Key Topics:
  • Who Are the Millennials and How Are they Different from Non-Millennials
  • Engaging These Early Adopters of New Technology
  • Buiding a Listening and Participation Strategy
  • The New Rules of Marketing to Millennials
  • Getting Started
Who Should Attend:
This seminar is for sales, marketing, and HR practictioners who want to understand, attract, and earn the loyalty of a new generation of consumers and employees.

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Deadline : Aug 22, 2017