12th Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a higher level order of Word of Mouth in marketing. It utilizes the internet and digital medium to “infect” other users of the medium by engaging them with content and encourages them to pass it on to other users. Unlike traditional Word of Mouth marketing that may take weeks or months to reach critical mass, Viral Marketing, through the internet, allows the message to reach thousands and millions of people in less than a week. Brands are now joining the viral marketing bandwagon to leverage and create awareness and trial for their products and services. With the advent of video sharing sites like YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook, many brands have jumped into this viral bandwagon, albeit without much success. We can only name a few successful viral marketing campaigns that have really enticed us to “send it forward.” There is a science to successful viral marketing by understanding the fine line between human behavior and the internet technologies that exist today. Master them and brands will be able to cut through the clutter and become viral marketing successes

Key Benefits to Participants 
Each participant will be able to: 

  • Understand the underpinnings on why viral marketing came about and why it has become an undeniable key digital marketing tool 
  • Appreciate how viral marketing can build and destroy brands, and understand why some viral campaigns succeed and some fail from the start
  • Understand how each viral and social platform plays out in contributing to viral marketing success and failure · Learn to track the performance of viral marketing campaigns      

Key Benefits to Companies 
The company will: 

  • Put  viral marketing science into practice through a viral marketing framework
  • Utilize viral marketing as an important tool in business
  • Learn and understand how to proactively create strong viral marketing campaigns to their brands’ benefit · Counteract negative viral marketing programs that are working against them
  • Learn from tried and tested true viral marketing case studies that have proved to bring down brands and catapulted brands to success      

Program Concept

The program showcases a viral marketing framework that helps marketing practitioners in developing a successful viral marketing campaign. It also helps marketers look at the different components of what makes an idea or campaign viral.  

While the basic fundamentals of a word of mouth marketing campaign like segmentation, target audiences, and viral media management remain to be universal, the dynamism of the internet has changed the way how marketers should look into these concepts. 

It is therefore important that marketers understand the new principles behind old word of mouth marketing concepts, and how re-applying the internet into creating viral marketing can exponentially push a brand forward, or if done wrong, backfire on the brand. 

 At the end of the program, participants are expected to be able to develop a viral marketing campaign for their respective brands.   

Program Overview 

The program is divided into five key modules, which will provide a step-by-step approach on appreciating and understanding the different components of a successful viral marketing campaign. The last module looks at various viral marketing case studies where participants learn from the best in class. There are case examples from product/service categories such as fast moving consumer goods and service industries like top consumer brands and the tourism industry that show how they have been aggressive in dipping their feet into the world of digital. See how they do it and learn from the different successes and learning as they extend their brands to the world of online.         

Module 1:Appreciation of the history of viral marketing and  what makes it successful 
Module 2: Creating a step-by-step Viral Marketing plan 
Module 3: Choosing which viral and social platform to engage 
Module 4: Measuring Viral Marketing performance 
Module 5: Best in class Viral Marketing case studies    

Who should attend

Marketing and Sales Management Practitioners, Brand / Product Managers, Assistant Brand Managers, Marketing Officers, Ad and Promo Managers, Sales Managers, Trade Marketers, Category Managers, Heads of Support Services specifically in IT, and any department member who has a stake in the digital marketing planning and execution. 

What our past participants said:

"Very practical & insightful,talks from experience answered all questions,critical" - Rica Baello - Security Bank

"This session allowed me to understand more deeply what virality marketing is all about" - Aj Avañez - Convergys

"Director is masterful and uses his an experience which are relevant to train attendees" - Gian Paulo Magapuro - URC

Recent participants include:

· Government and Public Relations Specialist, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, Inc.
· General Manager, Khingchey Group of Companies
· Marketing Director, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. 
· Consumer Marketing Associate, Universal Robina Corporation
· Marketing Manager, New San Jose Builders, Inc.
· SAVP, Corporate Communications Head, Security Bank Corporation 
· Brand Lead, Convergys
· Assistant Product Manager, Bostik Philippines, Inc.
· Marketing Services Specialist, Bostik Philippines, Inc.
· Ads and Promotion Officer, Cebu Oversea Hardware Co.,Inc.
· Marketing Director, Khingchey Group of Companies
· Communications Officer, De La Salle Alumni Association
· Marketing Supervisor, Viviamo, Inc.
· Employee Experience Associate, Lingaro (Philippines), Inc.

About the Speaker:

Chief E-Marketing Strategist

Managing Director of MRM Worldwide Manila, former CEO of Yehey Corporation and Media Contacts Manila, former Vice President of Philippine Daily Inquirer, youngest to serve as President of the Philippine Marketing Association, and also the founding president of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines. He was recently honored as one of the Top Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines.

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Deadline : Jun 15, 2017