74th Fundamentals of Marketing for New Marketing and Non-Marketing Professionals

“But I am not from the Marketing Department!”

While most companies have their formal marketing teams, the discipline is not the department’s monopoly. For the company to truly have an edge in the seamless execution of plans, all functional departments must also wear an informal “marketing hat” as they do their day jobs. This module is designed to create an understanding of the integral frameworks of the marketing discipline. It maps out the 3 cardinal rules of the practice that will help determine the nature of the marketing mix. It will also give an in-depth understandingof the famed P’s of Marketing and what makes a good marketing program

Program Concept:


Learn applicable frameworks and tools in analyzing your customer, your company and your competitor to come up with a sound marketing mix. This course gives you examples that are more drawn from various industries to ensure that participants are able to relate principles and frameworks to existing challenges they face.

Program Overview

Module 1: Understanding the Strategic Marketing Framework

  • The fundamental what’s and how’s of marketing
  • The different concepts of marketing and how they define your company’s moves and thinking

Module 2: The Groundwork: 3 Cardinal Rules of Marketing

 Know thy customer and consumers

  • How different market segments behave
  • What attributes customers look for     

Know thy company

  • Vision-Mission
  • Key Factors for Success

  Know thy competitors

  • Who determines competition
  • Studying competitive moves
  • Strategic focus and assumptions

Module 3: Appreciating the Parts of the Marketing Mix

The four P’s of marketing and factors affecting each

Different strategic options for each of the P’s·          

  • New product concept and product positioning
  • How consumers make decisions and evaluate alternatives
  • How to stimulate the buying behavior
  • The concept of product life cycle in the context of creating your mix

Module 4: Creating your Marketing Program 

Who Should Attend

This program is meant for non-marketing executives as well as new practitioners with less than 2 years of experience. It is also useful for marketing support teams or partners / allied agencies.

Key Benefits to Participants

Each participant will learn:

  • The integral frameworks of marketing
  • Tools in understanding your company as well as your customer/consumer
  • Tools in understanding competitor’s strategy and how to anticipate what they might do next
  • Appreciation of the different parts of the marketing mix and what contributes to the success of the mix

Key Benefits for Companies

The company will gain:

  • Marketing oriented non-marketers who understand that they too have a part in designing the marketing mix
  • Ease in synchronizing inter-departmental efforts in planning and executing marketing plans/programs via a common marketing language

Be inspired with case examples from the following products / industries

  • Airline
  • Appliances
  • Automobile Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Beverages
  • Clothing Industry
  • Consumer Durables
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • OTC Pharma
  • Skin care
  • Telcos


CEO and Chief Behavioral Strategist

Co-author/editor of eight marketing books; Executive Scholar in Marketing and Sales of Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University; Certified Master Coach (by the Behavioral Coaching Institute) and Certified A.I. Training Facilitator (by Company of Experts USA); awarded as one of the Top Filipina Entrepreneurs 2011 in the Trailblazer category, the GoNegosyo Enabler Award 2014 and the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network Award 2015; Chair of the Women’s Business Council Philippines; took advanced marketing programs at Columbia Business School (Ceibs campus), Harvard Business School, University of California-Berkeley; has finished the 1-year advanced management program at the IESE Business School (New York and Barcelona). Graduate of De La Salle University (LiaCom Communication Arts & Marketing Management Accelerated Program), Ateneo de Manila University (MA English Language and Literature Teaching, and University of the Philippines (MA Anthropology).

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Deadline : Nov 09, 2018