Innovating Your Marketing Mix

Marketers need to avoid a herding mentality, looking and behaving similar to competition. They need to stop benchmarking and start using a new lens to look at their value proposition and marketing mix. Packed with 100 local and international examples to inspire participants to create their own innovationBenefits to Participants

·         Understand how to reframe value
·         Create new ideas on demand  

Benefits to Company
·         Bring practical marketing toolkit to apply to real-world challenges and barriers methodically
·         Empower subordinates with framework instead of leaving them to chance  

Program Overview:
What innovation are your known for?
What is Marketing Innovation?
·         3Cs of marketing vis-à-vis 2 parts of innovation
·         What’s wrong with traditional strategic planning and how to reframe stratplan questions?
·         5 ways to find marketing innovation (The restaurant example)
·         5 key questions to ask
·         “SCENIC” acronym
·         Two cases on enhancing consumer buying experience (supermarket and solar)
·         Balancing demand vs. supply
Innovating your Value Proposition
·         Creating a new crusade (amusement park, training, medical treatment, advocacy)
·         Understanding new market space (medical device, electronic games, planner, hard drinks, beverage, advertising)
·         Differentiating via new satisfaction (detergent, coffee, eyewear,  software, banking, food, electronics, fast food, dessert, buffet, personal hygiene, bags, automobile)
·         Developing a new profit source (entertainment, exercise equipment, office products)
·         18 value proposition and 25 price proposition options to choose from
Innovating your Channel 
·         Some channel models to remember
·         Using channel to fight market leader (gaining more with less)
·         Cases in books, beverage, FMCG, video rental, retail chain
Innovating your Advertising and PR effort
·         Amplifying your message to the entire city
·         Generating buzz
·         Creating a mega brand (automobile, appliances, beverage, personal care, services)
·         Cases in beverage, electronic games, ice cream, courier services
Importance of Learning From Another Industry
Innovating your Sales Promotions
·         Cases in hotel, supermarket, pharma, entertainment, and food
Innovating your Selling Effort
·         Cases in chocolates, video rental, direct selling, coffee, and solar services
Putting it all together
·         7 x 5 Matrix
·         Field workout

Target market
·         Ideally the entire marketing team understanding framework and learning together (Team attendance)



Edwin S. Totanes

Chief Marketing Strategist

Former VP for Strategic Brand and Portfolio Development and Group Head for Marketing for Universal Robina Corporation; former VP and General Manager of Coke Subsidiary, Philippine Beverage Partners and Cold Drink Development Manager for Coke Thailand; former General Manager of RFM-Swift Meat Division and was Chairman of RFM’s Corporate Marketing Committee; former Marketing Director of Del Monte Philippines; former Group Brand Manager at Warner-Lambert, Kraft Foods, and Procter & Gamble.

A full-scholar and 1978 Cum laude graduate in AB Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University and current part-time lecturer in the Leadership & Strategy course “Doing Business in the Asean Context.” Completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in the Spring of1996.

In 2013, Agora Awardee for Excellence in Marketing Management and recepient of the “Top 50 Most-Talented CMOs of Asia” award during the World Marketing Summitin Malaysia and in 2017, a Mansmith Market Masters awardee. He is also a co-author of the Mansmith Mentors' List : The  8 P's of Marketing.

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Deadline : Aug 02, 2018