22nd Delivering Outstanding Service


Why focus on handling complaints and difficult customers when you can focus on doing the right things right so you don’t have to deal with complaints afterwards? This pro-active, values-driven approach provides your service team with marketing, operations and HR best practice examples, research and service frameworks so you have a better understanding of what it takes to deliver outstanding service!

Gain a broader perspective of what service really means and how it can be your company’s source of differentiation and competitive advantage, especially during these competitive times.

Key Benefits to Participants
Each participant will learn:
•    The importance of service in the attainment of marketing, sales and financial objectives
•    To apply marketing concepts to help them in decision-making and in serving customers better
•    How service must be seen through the eyes of the customer using a structured framework
•    Skills necessary in becoming and leading effective service personnel
•    How to use the tools and frameworks both personally and professionally to manage change as an individual and as a team


Key Benefits to Company
The company will gain:
•    A more positive, proactive and energized service team
•    Teams that are easier to motivate and to manage
•    A service team that is marketing-oriented and customer-focused
•    Excellent service standards that differentiate and provide sustainable competitive advantage


Program Concept


More than just smiling or handling complaints, service becomes outstanding when the encounter is so memorable that customers just have to tell others about it. It could be the entire sensory experience that starts from the parking lot or it could be the act of one single frontliner who made a lasting impact on the customer. It could be the one big “Wow” act to recover a disappointed customer or a simple discount card that says, “You must come back.” And it doesn’t only happen once or in one branch or with one person. You know the company’s commitment to service and how they value customers by their level of consistency in all service encounters, company-wide.

Prepare yourself and your team to be proactive and effective participants in every customer service encounter by doing things right and doing the right things all the time!

Program Overview
Module 1: Your Promise

•    How you define service is how you execute
•    Service that creates value and differentiation
•    What research says
        * Seeing your offer through the customer’s eyes : why they leave or stay

        * Impact of customer satisfaction on profits and market shares
•    Segmenting and targeting market and positioning service
•    Your brand DNA and its important role in service execution
•    Plotting the Customer experience through the service process map

Module 2: Managing the Customer Service Experience
•    Mansmith 3P’s of personal effectiveness
•    Hiring and rewarding the right people
•    The relationship between employee and customer satisfaction
•    Customer recovery

Module 3: Creating Value to Excellent Service Marketing
•    Template for uncovering gaps using the customer’s point of view
•    Service metrics
•    Service big ideas and innovation

Who Should Attend
•    This seminar is for anyone who interacts with both internal and external customers.
•    Team attendance is recommended so a strong service culture can be established among team members.

Case examples from the following products / industries shall be cited:
•    Airline
•    Apparel
•    Banking Industry
•    Cement Production
•    Financial Services
•    Hospital
•    Hotel
•    Mass Transportation
•    Restaurant
•    Software
•    Telecom
•    Utilities: water and electricity


 What our past participants said:
“Nowadays, competition is very tight the only thing that you can do is to “differentiate” and that is by providing “outstanding service!” The seminar will be an eye opener to you and to your team! ”  – Jose Alibanto Jr., Manager-Customer Focus, ABB  Inc.

“Not only creates awareness, the session will help you understand & commit yourself to customer service.” – Irene M.  Andas, VP Bancassurance Sales Support,  Grepalife

“The seminar made me realize that there is more to customer service than just smiling and appeasing the customer at that  moment. Customer service is also the responsibility of the whole company and not only by one section or dept. ” 
 – Anna Katrina Mejillano, Head Customer Communication Section, URC-AIG

“Worth my money!”  – Ma. Gemma Araza, Guest Services Manager, Scottland Inc., THE SPA

“The seminar has definitely broadened my knowledge on customer service, sales and marketing. And as a starting Human  Resource, Mansmith seminar truly served as a remarkable stepping stone.” – Karl Laurea, HR, Spruce Designer Network,  Inc.

“The 2-day seminar gives me another perspective for excellent service. Simple and yet practical applications that will  enable individual to review their company processes.”  – Pines Mermida, Operations Assistant, Philippine Hospital Projects  Development Corporation

“I like the pacing of the topics, it is clear. I’m excited to implement what I have learned in the 2-day seminar. This seminar  affirms what I know & what we are doing & teaching our people.”  – Kathy Guevarra, Pest Away

“Very informative & never had a boring moment. Ms. Chiqui is very knowledgeable in what she teaches & animated that you  have no choice but to listen to every word she says.”  – Lyn Carmelo, Call Center Head, Bankard, Inc.

“The topic is very good, thus it really improve my service with internal & external. Service is not only for customers using  your product but also for your co-employee.” – Randy Araneta, TMG Supervisor, Universal Robina Corporation

“Delivering Outstanding Services gives customer-service a different perspective! A participant will be surprised with the  discussions, realizing that “Wow, this is what REAL SERVICE is all about!” — Jewelle Mendoza, Lamoiyan Corporation

“Very passionate speaker who inspires and makes me see great possibilities in my work. Very well-planned course that  makes use of real-life examples to educate and serve as models.”  — Roxanne R. Piloton, Project Manager, Pointwest  Technologies Corporation

“The seminar gave me new insights about servicing. I thought we were already doing a good job, but now I realize we still  have a long way to go."   – Joji Caluag,  Senior Manager, PNB Life Insurance

“It is really a seminar that enhanced me as a person & will really help me to develop my skills. It helps me understand value  of service & how to manage to use them. I’m honored to be someone who attended one of Mansmith seminars. ” 
 – Glaiza Soriano,  Events Specialist, The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion

About the Industry Expert

CEO and Chief Behavioral Strategist        
Co-author/editor of seven marketing books; Executive Scholar in Marketing and Sales of Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University; Certified Master Coach (by the Behavioral Coaching Institute) and Certified A.I. Training Facilitator (by Company of Experts USA); awarded as one of the Top Filipina Entrepreneurs 2011 in the Trailblazer category, the GoNegosyo Enabler Award 2014 and the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network Award 2015; president of the Women’s Business Council Philippines; took advanced marketing programs at Columbia Business School (Ceibs campus), IESE Business School (New York Campus), Harvard Business School, University of California-Berkeley.  Graduate of De La Salle University (LiaCom Communication Arts & Marketing Management Accelerated Program) and Ateneo de Manila University (MA English Language and Literature Teaching.  Currently taking MA Anthropology at the University of the Philippines

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