Creating Value via Service Innovation

The challenge of innovation involves understanding unmet needs while formulating, communicating and delivering value that differentiates your brand. Add to this the intangible, interactive and innumerable characteristics of service, and the challenge is magnified many times over.

This one-day program is relevant to companies wanting to create a pioneering service category, or at the least find opportunities to be first to introduce a new but relevant way to deliver service. With a generous number of case examples, this is the only program in the Philippines that gives participants frameworks on creating an innovative service value proposition. as well as in generating ideas to create
a service innovation ecosystem via the Mansmith 5-step Service Innovation Process.
Key Benefits to Participants
Participants will learn:
  • How to spot opportunities in the creation of new service ideas
  • How to use service as a source of differentiation and competitive advantage
Key Benefits to Companies
The company will gain:
  • Teams who understand how to create true customer value via new service ideas
  • Frameworks and tools to guide their strategy and execution
Program Overview
Module 1:  Introduction
  • 3 Levels of Service Innovation
  • 8 P’s of Service Mix
  • 6 I’s Elements of Service
  • Lessons from 2 introductory service case studies
  • Sources and interdependencies of service innovation
  • Trends and patterns in service innovation
Module 2: Service Innovation Tools
  • 4 Capabilities needed by every service leader
  • JTBD and Outcome Expectations: Knowing what customers want and who you are up against
  • BIDA Check-up: Distinguishing pain points of customers, competitor’s customers and non-customers
  • Decomposition Map: How to use ‘principle of selectivity’ in action
  • Business Model Map: Integrating your innovation interdependencies
Module 3: Service Innovation  :  From service satisfaction to service delight
  • Cases and lessons
  • 10 ways government can innovate on service
  • Innovating on an existing service innovation
Module 4: 5C’s Innovation Process
  • Contrast, Conflict, Challenge, Create, Configure
  • Case studies of problematic service business models
Over 60 new ideas to help attract people to your organization
Case Studies: Airline, Automobile, Bank, Bed, Car Rental, Car Repair, Cement, Computers, Coffee, Courier, Diagnostic Tests, Drugstore, E-Book Readers, Education, Electronic Repairs, Engine, Energy, Fashion, Fast Food, Financial Services, Fitness Center, Furniture, Gov’t service, Health gadgets, Hotel, Insurance, Magazine, Outdoor Advertising, Paint, Pharmaceutical, Personal Grooming, Plastic, Restaurant, Retail, Shoes, Solar, Supermarket, Telecom, Tools, Toys, Used Car Sales, Video Games, Video Rental and Wet Market.


CEO and Chief Behavioral Strategist

Co-author/editor of eight marketing books; Executive Scholar in Marketing and Sales of Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University; Certified Master Coach (by the Behavioral Coaching Institute) and Certified A.I. Training Facilitator (by Company of Experts USA); awarded as one of the Top Filipina Entrepreneurs 2011 in the Trailblazer category, the GoNegosyo Enabler Award 2014 and the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network Award 2015; Chair of the Women’s Business Council Philippines; took advanced marketing programs at Columbia Business School (Ceibs campus), Harvard Business School, University of California-Berkeley; has finished the 1-year advanced management program at the IESE Business School (New York and Barcelona). Graduate of De La Salle University (LiaCom Communication Arts & Marketing Management Accelerated Program), Ateneo de Manila University (MA English Language and Literature Teaching, and University of the Philippines (MA Anthropology).

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Deadline : Oct 31, 2018