My special thanks to People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) President Gerry Plana and Vice President Lin Mukhi for inviting me to speak about Strategy and Execution in their CEO – CHRO Collaboration Forum last March 8, 2019.

In the said forum, I proposed that the HR manager should take on the role of Chief Execution Officer. In a business, the offering model is owned by the marketing manager with the operations manager for the operating model and the finance manager for the finance model. And with the HR manager as Chief Execution Officer, he can then empower everyone to get their strategy implemented well through various tools they can use, thus, becoming the second “CEO”.

3C’s of Execution and 3C’s of Capability

While strategy has its famous 3C’s composed of Customers, Competition, and Company, execution also has its own 3C’s, which is composed of Constituents, Critical tasks, and Capability.

Constituents are the people one is accountable to in execution. Acronymed CEO, as in Customers, Employees and Owners, the CEOs role is to make sure that communication of Critical tasks are done to balance the interest of these three key constituents. Critical tasks, on the other hand, are the things that must be done, while Capability combines competencies, coordination and commitment to get things done. All three C’s must be present – one without the other is of dubious value.

5 Infrastructures to Build Capability

To be able to build capability, five infrastructures are needed. They are:

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Structure
  • System
  • People
  • Rewards

Leadership and Culture nails the other four components, which serve like the four legs of a table.

I am grateful to the CEOs who acted as reactors to my presentation. From left to right are: IPG Media Brands CEO Venus Navalta, PMAP President Gerry Plana, Merck Philippines CEO Ramonito Tampos, MFT Group of Companies CEO Mika Tan, Union Bank CEO Edwin Bautista, Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan, PMAP VP and PHINMA VP – HR Lin Mukhi, Grant & Thornton Chair and CEO Marivic Espano, and Celemi Partner Victor Magdaraog. Integration of the forum was done by PMAP President Gerry Plana and FEU Chair and former BPI CEO Gigi Montinola.

* * *

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