Great sales teams are not accidental. Learn how it starts from strategic investing in a sales force structure and design, BAR-designed recruitment and selection, innovative training and coaching, to individualistic and corporate motivation programs, all the way to performance metrics and evaluations.

Activity workshops that direct participants to conduct active adult learning activities on their own follow each topic to enhance the creative learning process This includes numerous examples of current practices from different companies that will provide participants with relevant and practical insights.


Module 1: Framework in Formulating Sales Strategies and Designs

  • Current Trends and Themes in Sales Leadership and Sales Structures
  • Introduction to the 7 Building Blocks of a Winning Sales Team
  • Why Sales Organizations Need to Focus on Process Rather than Outcome
  • How to Formulate Go-to-Market Strategies and Sales Force Designs
  • How to Effectively Utilize Technology as a Great Sales Force Enabler
  • Case Examples of How Other Companies Use Different Sales Force Designs (Learn from their pitfalls)

Module 2: Strategic Recruitment and Selection Using The BAR

  • Why Companies Fail to Train Their Sales Forces
  • How to Recruit Right Candidates
  • How to Develop a Selection Criteria (with examples)
  • Interview Styles to Avoid
  • Examples of Best Interview Questions Using the BAR Tool

Module 3: Innovative Motivating, Coaching and Training Approaches

  • How Training and Motivation Affect a Salesperson’s Performance
  • Using Innovative Coaching Framework

  • Different Approaches to Motivating Your Sales Team

Module 4: Critical Performance Areas to Evaluate and Control

  • How High-Performance Teams Formulate and Evaluate Metrics
  • Low Impact to High Impact Performance Areas to Be Evaluated
  • Must-Have Written Sales Policies and Procedures


Sales Managers, Supervisors and Executives as well as Marketing and Brand Managers will largely benefit from this seminar.


Each participant will learn:

  • How to develop effective sales strategies and sales force designs through the seven (7) building blocks that make a winning sales team
  • How to align sales strategies and structures with the firm’s overall marketing intention
  • How other companies and industries (both local and multi-national firms) transformed themselves from mediocre sales forces to winning sales teams.


The company will gain:

  • Relevant and more focused approach in designing a winning sales team – a team that effectively generates revenues, efficiently manages costs, adaptable to evolving situations and has flexibility to change quickly.
  • New insights to developing a winning sales team.

Partner and Chief Channel Marketing Strategist

Emilio C. Macasaet III is the Chairman and CEO of Field Partners Inc., and Partner and Chief Channel Marketing Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. He is the author of the best-selling, Distributor Management, the first ever book on distributor management in the Philippine Market, 6 Steps To Effective Key Account Management and his most recent book, Fundamentals of Trade Marketing.

He brings with him very extensive and intensive corporate experiences gained from both local and multinational companies like Gillette, Nestle, L'Oreal, Metrolab and RFM Corporation where he was Vice President of Sales & Distribution division. He conducts various sales seminars, consulting, and training programs in most parts of Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

He obtained his MBA from Ateneo De Manila University and took his Doctor in Business Administration at De La Salle Graduate School of Business where he was a former MBA professor in Distribution Management. Bong also attended an executive program on Marketing Channels at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago; and other special programs at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Singapore, and Burke Institute, USA. He partly writes a column in Business World newspaper and is currently a professor of Marketing Management at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.