Many thanks to those who bought The WE Entrepreneur book(co-authored with Mansmith CEO,Chiqui Escareal-Go).  For several months now, it is the no. 1 book on entrepreneurship at National Book Store as readers appreciate the 10 building blocks to entrepreneurial authenticity. 
Reinforcing the market acceptance of The WE Entrepreneur and in celebration of both Mansmith and Fielders,Inc.’s 20th anniversary as well as my 25th anniversary as an entrepreneur, a social enterprise was launched last October 8, 2010, focusing on the educational and developmental needs of small and medium scale (SME) entrepreneurs, with unwavering support from Inquirer, BusinessWorld, Entrepreneur magazine, Go Negosyo, Malayan Insurance and the Abenson and Waltermart group, with many more institutional supports expected to come in as of press time.
 A quick and practical four-question research gave us interesting insights about entrepreneurial education.  Some of the responses we gathered ranged from existing entrepreneurial courses to be too long, too technical and too expensive, to being too academic.  This led us to the formulation of a new training company for SME entrepreneurs called “Day 8 Business Academy, Inc.,”  and with this came a game changing four-point manifesto with the acronym 4Fs representing Freedom, Face, Frugality and Facilitation. The name Day 8 came from a biblical inspiration of new beginnings while the number 8 symbolizes prosperity for many businessmen.  
The first insight and the first F is about Freedom.  Instead of dictating what courses to take to complete a program, entrepreneurs can attend only the courses they want or need.  For instance, an entrepreneur in service industry will not be asked to attend a class in manufacturing process.  They will have the freedom to assemble their own curriculum, learn what they need to learn in three hours, short and direct to the point.  Half day courses include “Marketing without TV Advertising,” “Handling Price Objections,” “Finding Your Next Big Opportunity,” “Competing to Win,” “Retail Profit Model,” “Direct Sales and MLM,” and other courses designed to increase their revenues and be SME-relevant.  Subsequent courses will help them improve their personal effectiveness while cutting cost without cutting corners! 
Faceis as important for the entrepreneurs as they have strong desire to prove their worth to themselves and others so Day 8 is offering those in need of scholarships, opportunity for angel investor funds, deferred payment plan and an 8-session free turnaround master class for SME companies losing money.  Participants of this class will have successful entrepreneurs like Wilson Lim of Abenson, Jimmy Thai of Primer Group, Cecilio Pedro of Lamoiyan, Nonoy Gallardo of Gasso, George Siy of Marie France, Bernie Liu of Penshoppe, and many others as turnaround master mentors.
Frugalityis the third as SMEs have limited resources,so Day 8 launched an “attend what you need, pay what you want” unprecedented pricing innovation to help the SME entrepreneurs succeed quicker so they can be more generous to the lost, the last and the least in the future.  Instead of the traditional classroom, venue will be at the marketplace (Waltermart Mall along Pasay Road, Makati).  The best part is100% of net proceeds of Day 8 will all go to charity.  This not only allow the first fruits to be shared but it is consistent with Day 8’s parent company’s advocacy-based approach, such as the ongoing search for the 6th Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) among entrepreneurs and marketing practitioners 35 years old and below, and the ongoing 7th MarkProf’s Top 25 Marketing Management Trainees of the Year among outstanding graduating student leaders.  Day 8 understands that marketing 3.0 is not just about product or image but the potential of the human spirit taking center stage!
Finally, facilitation means all courses shall be conducted by dynamic and youthful entrepreneurs who not only have the presentation skills to wow their audience but have really succeeded in business.  Day 8 recognizes that while experimentation is important, the limited funding of the SMEs will not allow them a lot of latitude, especially at the beginning of their enterprise, therefore, sharing successful personal experiences and behavioral empathy from fellow entrepreneurs are indispensable parts of the learning methodology.
Josiah Go is chairman of Mansmith and Fielders,Inc. and its SME social enterprise subsidiary, Day 8 Business Academy, Inc.  He is the first and only Filipino to be bestowed one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World in business education, a competition among over 1,000 TOYM winners of their respective countries.  He can be contacted at  For details about Day 8, please visit  Volunteers to be seminar speakers are most welcome.