Making Consumers Love You
by Chiqui Escareal-Go

Peter Drucker once said, “the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”  Marketers would know how these words are measured using operative words such as customer satisfaction or loyalty, acquisition and retention and market shares or profit, among others – where the numbers quantify what otherwise is an emotional, intangible context in creating and keeping a customer, something we can also call #love.
And so for a long time, marketers and consumers have been trying to build a connection that can lead to a relationship that will hopefully lead to love; after all, it is no longer enough to reach for high satisfaction levels as customer satisfaction is a minimum requirement.  Consumers expect to be satisfied with their purchases or acquisitions, after all they paid for it with hard-earned money.
The Hierarchy of Effects also tell us that the consumers’ buying behavior follow a path from awareness and association, from like to preference, from commitment to purchase, to trial and hopefully repeat purchase.
Tim Halloran in Harvard Business Review’s Eight Phases of Brand Love (2014) similarly compares the phases with any relationship, which starts with knowing self, knowing type, ensuring memorability of the encounter, making it mutual, deepening the connection, keeping love alive, and making up or even, breaking up.
As we can see from the Hierarchy of Effects, the Eight Phases of Brand Love as well as any relationship, we cannot “force” people to love us, but just like a suitor, we can “follow” some steps to build connections and relationships that can develop into love (or hopefully, “marriage”).
Without purposely seeking out “love”, I feel it is the consistency of Mansmith programs and advocacies that have established strong relationships with our clients (who have since become our friends) and the general public.  The passion for education and excellence in learning and performance of the Mansmith team of consultants matches the standards of ethics and integrity that has allowed us to confer awards despite being a private company.
For the past 27 years, Mansmith and Fielders has been in the forefront of building advocacies aimed at raising standards of excellence in the marketing industry as our humble contribution to society and to future generations of marketers.  Yes, there is much love in the things we do.
One such advocacy is the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA) where outstanding marketers 35 years old and below are recognized for their innovative and brand-building achievements that have created value for their companies and their customers.  While a good number of winners are in brand or marketing management, there are also marketers who won in advocacy development and execution, in digital marketing as well as those entrepreneurs whose businesses have shown proven growth and sustainability. 
This recognition has created an amazing network of marketers who share a common love for excellence and industry – truly, such relationships go beyond numbers and recognition – establishing mutual respect, affirmation and integrity.  This has allowed us to go on our 12th year search with increasing response from potential nominees and an equally intense excitement from various sectors in anticipation of the next batch of winners. 
The search for the 12th Mansmith YMMA awardees is on-going with deadline for nomination on September 30, 2016. (Please visit for application form, criteria and other pieces of information.)
The Mansmith YMMA winners also come together for the Young Market Masters Summit every September.  This year, on September 8, 2016 at RCBC Plaza Auditorium, Makati -  there are six awardees who will be sharing their thoughts, ideas and experience on 3 Things to Remember if You Want Consumers to Love You. (Check out www.mansmith.netfor registration and fees.)
To start Session 1 on the topic UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMERS DEEPLY, is Dermatology Team Lead of GlaxoSmithKline PhilippinesMea Gabunada , who will talk about Developing Focused Communication Campaigns Based on Consumer Profiling. 
There will be three speakers for the topic STAYING RELEVANT starting with Joseph Cimafranca, South East Asia Area Senior Brand Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer HealthCare Singapore who will speak on Winning in Multiple Segments Via Integrated Marketing Communications. 
Gretchen King, Senior Brand Manager of Nutri-Asia will also share her ideas on Engaging the Millennials: How Old Brands can Win With the Young.
Cholo Perreras, Senior Product Manager of Golden Arches Development Corporation will then discuss The Agile Marketer: Building Marketing Campaigns Around Current Events.

On the topic  WIN WITH A HEART,  Dorothy Ching, Marketing Director for Hair of Unilever Philippines will talk about Creating Emotional Connection Via Innovative Experiential Marketing while Kakam Gabunada, AVP, Consumer Marketing Manager of Nestle Philippines will close the summit with The Heart Of Marketing: Delighting Consumers and Making a Positive Change.
Learn what it takes to make consumers love you – hopefully #forever.
* * *
Chiqui Escareal-Go is the CEO and Chief Service Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., the only advocacy-based training and consultancy firm focused in marketing, sales, strategy and innovation. For feedback, write to mentors@mansmith.netor log on to, for more information.