It seems that social media is not a trend anymore, but now very much a part of marketing. I am proud of the fact that our Facebook page now has close to 100,000 likes. However, I have read that Facebook is now getting passé, and Twitter is getting more popular. Should I shift to Twitter for my brand?  - anonymous

I think you are missing the point of the entire digital exercise. You are right in saying that social media is not a trend. In fact, it is already a recognized business practice to use social media, and now integrated into the marketing person’s toolkit to drive engagement and customer satisfaction. Thus, to analyze your situation, to jump from one platform to the other because a platform is becoming more “popular”, defeats the purpose of doing social media.
I believe you started putting your brand in social media, specifically on Facebook, because you want to engage and have a conversation with your customers, and at the same time, increase your brand’s presence. Brands that reach 100,000 likes on Facebook tell me already that you have generated a strong fan base, and have done investments in generating the number of likes. In my experience, I have seen Facebook pages languishing around twenty to forty thousand likes after doing a series of online promotions, and then left alone to perish. This is mostly brought about by the change of people in the marketing team or agency, or that the people currently running it do not know what to do with it already, or how to bring it to the next level. For you to make it to the 100,000 mark tells me you have already invested in substantial time and resources to get there. That is why I am surprised that you are open to “migrating” to a new platform.
Digital is fun if done right, and I am sure you enjoyed the experience of hitting the 100,000 mark. However, if you just move to Twitter, what will happen to your 100,000 audience base who have “liked” you already? While I agree with you that Twitter has already gain much following here in the country, I would like to recommend that you give the proper thought on the role of Facebook and Twitter for your brand.
In my experience, Facebook is used more as an engagement tool. You can actively post pictures, videos and promotion collaterals so your target customers will be made aware of your activities and provide comments and even share your marketing messages. Twitter on the other hand, can be used as your customer service tool. I suggest that you use Twitter for asking questions from your fans with regard to operations and service issues. For example, a well-known telco company uses Twitter purely to address customer concerns and complaints. An airline company uses Twitter to answer any queries on the airline operations and provide rates to people who want updated, real time pricing of flights. A bank looks at Twitter to get information about customers that are queuing in their branches and get live tweets on how bank personnel are responding to them.
Thus, it is imperative that within your digital marketing strategy and plans, create a detailed social media plan. Ask yourself what is the role of social media in your marketing efforts? Have you already taken advantage of Facebook and your 100,000 likes? What are your continuing efforts and plans on your Facebook page going forward, and what are your targets? Are you going for another 100,000? Do you know your optimal size on Facebook? On Twitter, how would you want to use it, as Twitter is more quick response and immediate. However, getting followers on Twitter is harder. You might be frustrated as it will not generate the same traction when you are building your Facebook base. Regardless, nothing beats having a clearly defined marketing plan, where digital is a component to it, and the role of social is clearly defined in what you want to achieve.

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