Last month, the 10th Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards ( was held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Makati. This project recognizes young achievers, 35 years old and below, who have shown excellent performance in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship, which can serve as inspiration for young people to be innovative entrepreneurs and outstanding brand builders themselves.
 We are sharing below a list of traits these marketing rockstars feel every young marketer must have to succeed in the industry:
 Mari Aldecoa, Group Brand Manager, Red Ribbon feels that “Marketers need tohave their heads in the cloud but their feet firmly planted on the ground” –which means being bold and brave, and having a vision for your brand rooted in championing the consumer, while also having business sense that translates numbers including collaborations from different support groups. 
Kristine Bañez, Associate Regional Business Lead for North and South Luzon, Johnson & Johnson Philippines notes “Because the marketplace is so unpredictable, marketers need to be agile, flexible – to adapt to the rapidly evolving needs, at the same time having a firm set of values or principles that will keep them grounded.”  As there is no one recipe for success, she adds “they  can find a lot of great stories of success out there but it’s their own path they have to carve out and that’s the story that they have to tell.”
Cherri Barretto, Country Manager, Dragon Edge Group Indonesia stresses the need for marketers to “never stop learning, to keep reading books, to know more about what’s happening in the environment.  Once you think you know everything, that’s when the downfall starts.”  She also believes that being obsessed and passionate about your brand serve as motivation to make sure
the brand always does well.
Tiffany Batungbacal, Brand Manager, Kenrich International reflects that beyond the numbers, a marketer must always understand the business.  “You always have to want to learn, you have to look at the new things – what’s happening to the market, to the consumer.  People sometimes get so involved with the brand that they forget that their consumers are changing.” 
Ann Esteves, Sr. Brand Manager, Unilever Philippines agrees that marketers must have a “clear passion for winning, for pushing the boundaries, and to be unafraid to go into unchartered territories.” Having an authentic interest in people –listening to them and learning from consumers help marketers understand how to connect with them better.
“Boldness and willingness to take risks”  says Kathlene Gomez , Marketing Group Manager, Bounty Agro Ventures, on what it takes to be a successful young marketer. She adds that young marketers must be brave enough to go against the grain to make things happen and to traverse a path not usually taken by a lot of people, and taking that path with excellence, passion and dedication.
 Jessica Inocencio, Senior Brand Manager, Unilever Philippines  notes, “Marketers must battle complacency. Whether you’re a number two or a number one brand, there will always be new opportunities, new areas, new channels to master to bring your brand forward.” She adds,   “Every brand has a purpose that can impact not just an individual but a whole community to make lives better.  Marketers should think big – think how our brands can actually shape the future.”
Joyce Joseph, Product Manager, United Laboratories, feels that willingness to continuously learn about consumers and your own brand, having a deep understanding of the customer and knowing what’s really important are what help marketers craft a clear message.  “Then add a little imagination and that’s when your stories keep coming.”
Jonathan Laguitao, Trade Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson Philippines shares, “Marketers should embrace uncertainty as part of the job, they should be open to constant change especially given the dynamic market.  He shouldn’t rely on pure luck or chance or wait for something to happen. Given today’s environment, the primary success traits should still be hard work and perseverance.”
Aldellyn Po, Franchise Head, Sanofi Philippines stresses that marketers need to be innovative and to think out of the box.  “Young marketers must be persistent in trying to achieve what they want to achieve, as well as be adaptable to the changes especially now with the digital age, where things change so quickly.”
Earl Valencia, President/Co-founder, IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. enjoins young marketers to develop courage and global competence.  He referred to courage as the ability do things that might seem unpopular or risky but has great returns in the future. “Start something from nothing, make your initiative, do something that is not status quo.”
Kristine Venturina, Trade Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson International Singapore shares “You have to be very passionate.  You have to show people you know what you want so they would always want to be with you in doing whatever things you want for a project.”

Chiqui Escareal-Go is the CEO and Chief Service Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.  She will be conducting the 20thDelivering Outstanding Service program on July 21-22, 2016 in Makati.  For inquiries, please email info@mansmith.netor call (02) 584-5858 or (02) 412-0034.