The Mavericks: How 35 Marketing Rockstars Think, Strategize & Execute
by Josiah Go

Bestselling author Josiah Go interviews 35 award-winning marketers on 19 different topics in marketing ranging from insighting, formulating big idea, and finding competitive advantage. It allows readers to learn how marketing rockstars think, strategize and execute.
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The Mansmith Mentors’ List: The 8 P’s of Marketing by the Mansmith Industry Experts
This book is a collection of articles written by the Mansmith team of consultants, all subject matter and industry experts whose combined experiences in the marketing field are arguably unequalled. This level of experience is priceless, as readers know that “experience is the best teacher.” And out of these experiences, are learnings that passionate teachers, now mentors, selflessly share. Here are 3 reasons why this book is worth your while: 1) Easy to read as the articles are brief and straight to the point, so things you need to know about a particular topic are there in about 800 words. 2) Use of actual cases examples based on either research or the writers’ personal experiences or knowledge. 3) Written by the most awarded team of business educators in the Philippines who teach with passion and commitment, while caring about sharing relevant knowledge
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Principles and Practices in Marketing in the Philippine Setting
by Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go

The "Principles and Practices in Marketing in the Philippine Setting" is filled with basic marketing principles especially suited for K12 (freshman college) students, but written to include neophyte marketers and entrepreneurs as secondary markets. The book also serves as a review of fundamental concepts in marketing for serious marketing practitioners.

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The Rainmakers
by Josiah Go

Philippines’ bestselling marketing book that sold 800% more than the highest selling business book and 200% more than the highest selling fiction book during its book launch. Josiah Go interviews 25 of the country’s top chief executive officers, including Lance Gokongwei of Cebu Pacific Air, Victor Paterno of 7-Eleven, Injap Sia of Double Dragon and Joey Concepcion of RFM, who shared their views on how their strategies addressed the opportunities or challenges in their industries at a particular time in their careers.

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6 Steps to Effective Key Account Management
by Emilio Macasaet III

This book sets out to provide a practical guide that brings together the six fundamental elements (segmentation and selection, investigation and understanding of needs, development of a value-based account plan, agreement and alignment, plan execution, and evaluation) in managing key accounts. As it goes through each step, it takes the reader, who is primarily a key account manager, through a structured procedure to effective key account management.

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Small Store Marketing
by Chiqui Escareal-Go

Bestselling book with 25,000 books sold on one year.This book is for small store owners who want to raise and grow their shops. There are basic marketing ideas that help in creating ideas that can be implemented in different situations of the sari-sari store, grocery, bakery, market stall, and more.Includes the 7 Principles of Effective Small Store Marketing :

  • Stand out and be different
  • Grow without cannibalizing existing sales
  • Increase transaction size
  • Add service to product
  • Convert from functional to emotional
  • Have the discipline to expand, Dream!

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Marketing Breakthroughs : From Trials to Triumphs
Edited by Chiqui Escareal-Go and Dr. Ned Roberto

This book is the updated compilation of talks given during the 1st Marketing Breakthroughs Forum that was organized to address the challenging economic situation of that time. The entire Mansmith team presented talks that covered each one’s area of expertise in strategy and innovation, insighting, sales and distribution, service, trends, advocacy and crisis management. Key Topics Include:

  • From Market-Driven to Market-Driving by Josiah Go
  • From Insighting to Foresighting by Dr. Ned Roberto
  • From Consumer to Prosumer by Donald Lim
  • From Pull to Push by Emilio Macasaet III
  • From Silos to Solidarity by Chiqui Escareal-Go
  • From Tipping Point to Trend by Benedicto Cid
  • From Turn Down to Target by Rowen Untivero
  • From Fright to Fight by Malu Dy Buncio
  • From Advertising to Advocacy by Weena Pineda

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Fundamentals of Marketing : Understand the critical role of the marketing mix in the success of a company's products and brands!
by Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go

Key Topics Include:

  • Marketing: An Introduction
  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Mix: The 4Ps of Marketing
  • Product Strategy
  • Green Marketing
  • Managing Product Line
  • Customer Service Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy and the Strategic Selling Cycle
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Promotions Strategy
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Putting it all together: Diary of a Marketing Man


WE Entrepreneur : Understanding the five tasks and five treasures of every entreprenuer
by Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go

Finally, a book that provides a framework that will help entrepreneurs create a successful balance between work and personal lives. "The WE Entrepreneur" will help you attain the five tasks and the five treasures in every entrepreneur's journey. Written by JOSIAH GO and CHIQUI ESCAREAL-GO. Get your own copy at National Book Store for P150 only.

Finally, a book that provides a framework that will help entrepreneurs create a successful balance between work and personal lives.

About the authors Josiah and Chiqui Go co-founded the various advocacies of Mansmith & Fielders, Inc. such as the annual Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA), the annual Market Masters Charity Conference, the annual MarkProf Marketing Bootcamp for students (with another partner), the AME-Mansmith Php 5.0 million scholarship grants for marketing professors, and the Mansmith Blue Freedom Fund, the first small venture capital fund for your entrepreneurs dedicated to blue ocean strategy and market-driving innovation ideas.


Marketing Plan Building the Profitable Preferred Brand
by Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go

This book is intended for both marketing practitioners and college students of advance marketing, entrepreneurial marketing, marketing management or brand management. Marketing practitioners will learn how to come up with effective marketing plans that are not only able to sell their product and service, but more importantly, are able to build a profitable preferred brand. This book shows them how to continuously satisfy their customers better than competition and at a profit. College students will find this book useful as they prepare their marketing plan as part of their school requirements. "Marketing Plan" can easily guide them to strategize without losing track of the reasons behind their strategizing. Written as if taught for the first time in a workshop, this book comes with twenty-four ready-to-use forms or worksheets that allow readers to immediately apply the learned concepts after each topic. Utilizing its own definition of marketing as a framework for the marketing plan prepara ion, 99% of the examples used in "Marketing Plan" are derived from the Philippine setting to enable its readers to easily relate to the topics/concepts discussed. It also utilizes a user friendly format throughout the entire book to foster learning and make understanding easier.



The Marketing Mentors
by Josiah Go

Recommended for busy executives and as reference reading material of practitioners and marketing students.

Key Topics Include:

  • Customers
  • Competition
  • Company
  • The Strategic 3Cs of Marketing


Build, Grow and Sustain Your Network Marketing Distributor Business
by Josiah Go

Learn the frameworks, systems and the discipline of Direct Selling.

This book teaches 100 network marketing terms and the following network marketing lessons in this book:

  • The 7 trends in distribution of products and services
  • The Diamond framework on how network marketing works
  • 4 truths about the difference between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramiding companies
  • 4 characteristics of successful network marketing distributors
  • 7 recruitment segments
  • 6 desired distributor’s behaviors that can be generated by an effective compensation plan
  • Criteria for choosing your network marketing company
  • 3Ps of network marketing
  • 12 network marketing lessons from Christianity
  • The Available acronym to segregate prospect-to-recruit vs. prospect-to-retail
  • The Hexagonal framework that dissects why downlines become active or inactive
  • Research findings on why people join, stay and leave a direct sales company (by the Direct Selling Association)
  • The 7 stages of a network marketing distributor
  • 4 basic expectations of every distributor
  • The 4-step activation cycle
  • The R-A-M formula to attain high performance
  • Using performance ratio for effective business review
  • The 12 commandments of network marketing in retailing and sponsoring
  • Importance of creating your vision and mission


The Direct Selling Entrepreneurial Mindset
by Josiah Go

A must read for all direct sellers and network marketers
The Direct Selling Entrepreneurial Mindset : A must read for all direct sellers and network marketers

7 Keys towards attaining financial independence and personal freedom as a direct sales entrepreneur:

  • GROW : Compelling Desire to Soar
  • GOAL : Setting Relevant Directions
  • GRASP : Seeking Knowledge and Wisdom
  • GO : Planning Endless Prospects
  • GET : Taking Definite Actions
  • GRAB : Exploiting Sustainable Opportunities
  • GIVE : Fulfilling Your Life’s Mission