Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation:
Changing the Nature of Competition and
Competitive Advantage in a Digitalized World
by Josiah Go
Integrate Marketing, Finance and Operations to find new business and profit sources!
There has been a growing interest in business model innovation (BMI) -- what is it and how does one go about innovating their business model? Complement your existing analytical tools by learning to apply BMI before your competition does!  Learn to speak boardroom language and even guide discussions!
The BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION course will show you concepts, tools, frameworks and methodologies behind the Business Model Innovation.  Understand the building blocks of business model, how to do a strategic reflection by looking beyond your existing business model, different types of business model innovation, and learn cases on digital transformation in different industries and why every manager in the company needs to understand and review their business model.  Participants shall work in small groups and apply what they have learned during the seminar. 
Participants will also get a FREE soft copy of Mansmith's Business Model Map and the 4Es template on formulating business model innovations plus FREE email consulting within 30 days after seminar to attendees, indispensable support to help you cross the transition from existing industry paradigm to establishing new rules in your industry.

Be inspired with over 21 local and international case studies to be shared:

  • How market challengers can disrupt the business model of the market leader and other industries
  • How to spot and occupy a market white space then attack the mainstream leader
  • How competitive advantage can come from IT
  • How to increase barrier to entry in selling strategy
  • How to fight cheap China-made competitors and grow your profit
  • How to use business process as a competitive advantage
  • How to create a win-win alliance with strategic partners
  • How to apply business model innovation in industrial market
  • How to spot and work with lead user innovators (customer as innovator)
  • How to convert digital trends into a tool for new revenue and growth (8 digital cases in different industries)
  • How to convert a major strength of the market leader into a major weakness
  • How to counter major retailers bargaining power
  • How to differentiate and have lower cost at the same time
  • How to disrupt the disruptor
  • How to counter scale of market leaders digitally
  • How to anticipate the mindset of market leaders
  • How to ensure sustainable low price offering by having sound low cost strategy
  • How to create new demand instead of cannibalizing your existing volume
  • How to tap the bottom of the pyramid market efficiently and effectively
  • How to formulate a compelling offer customers would not refuse
  • How to reinvent the dynamics of your industry

Discover how the following products and services can use BMI:
Airlines - Banking - Café – Car Rental – Consumer Durable - Entertainment – Fashion – FMCG – Hotel – Ice Cream - Lending – Medical Services - Online store - Paint - Payment Service – PC - Photocopier – Power Tools – Public Space - Retail - Silicone Rubber – Solar Energy - Telecom
Learn generous number of case studies to be cited based on

  • Market longevity (established companies vs. start-ups)
  • Market position (market challengers vs. market leaders)
  • Product type (consumer product, services, industrial)
  • Dual business model (same company, more than 1 business model)
  • Country (Canada, Greece, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Philippines, Spain, USA)

Benefits to the Company:

  • Identify potential Business Model Innovation opportunities that can help leapfrog value given to the customers and to your company
  • Systematize diagnosis and analytical ability of your executives
  • Gain hands-on experience in how to improve your business or brand profitability

Benefits to the Participants: 

  • Discover the strategy, concepts, tools and frameworks behind Business Model Innovation (BMI) that can replace outdated, obsolete concepts, tools and frameworks that have been killing many marketing / business plans and resulting to sub-par profitability
  • Know the advantages of Business Model Innovation thought process versus traditional product or service differentiation
  • Know the language of the members of the board on strategy and business

Key Topics to Cover (Can you confidently explain the following?)
Day 1
Module 1:  Introduction to Strategy and Business Model Innovation 

  • What is business model innovation and why is there a need for business model? 
  • Why CEOs around the world is looking into business model innovation more than product/service innovation?
  • Quick hands-on exercise on business model 

Module 2:  Digital Business Model Innovation

  • 8 cases on digital transformation and why every manager in the company needs to understand and review their business model?
  • How to counter scale advantage digitally
  • Blockchain Business Models 
  • Why business model innovation does not seem to be attractive to the incumbent and what can market challengers do to take over the market
  • Reflection exercise

Day 2
Module 3:  Mansmith 10—Part Business Model Map 

  • How to draw, describe and communicate your business model in a 1-page visual map everyone can understand?
  • Why many companies continue to invest in cost that does not add value?
  • What are the differences and similarities between business model innovation and blue ocean strategy? 
  • What is the relationship between resources, processes and value network?
  • Why failing business model is hard to leave? 
  • What’s the implication of falling in love with best practices?
  • How to do a strategic reflection to attain superior value for customers, consumers and stockholders, as well as attain competitive advantage? 

Module 4: Formulating Business Model Innovation 

  • What are business model archetypes? 
  • When should you change your business model?
  • What are specific steps to formulate business model?
  • Hands-on exercise on business model innovation 
  • How to reduce risk with your new business model 
  • Final Q&A 

Integrating Exercise: Formulating Business Model Innovation 

  • Presentation and critique of business model innovation
  • How to make business model innovation work in your company?

Target participants: Ideally, the entire management team composed of CEO, managing director, SBU head, head of functional areas such as marketing, sales, product development, R&D, finance, strategic planning, OD, operation, HRD and the like.  Individual participants are also welcome. 
Profile of previous batches:
Top management (CEOs, COOs, Board member)                 25%
Chief Marketing / Sales Officers                                            25%
Chief of other functional areas                                              25%
Division / Regional Heads                                                       15%
Business Development                                                            10% 

Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist
JOSIAH GO is bestselling author of 18 marketing and entrepreneurship books.  He started his involvement in business model innovation via his Blue Ocean Strategy qualification process in France in 2006.  He then proceeded to introduce Market-Driving Strategy in 2009 and Strategic Innovation in 2010 (recently renamed as Mastering Innovation).  He not only teaches business model innovation, he has long applied the concept in the 1990's in his entrepreneurial company, beating a well-established multinational competitor to become market leader of a consumer durable business.  His dedication to lifelong education has brought him to places like MIT Sloan, London Business School, Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (France and New York), Harvard, Kellogg and Wharton and has empowered him to help your firm apply the Business Model Innovation technology in an easy-to-understand, thought-provoking, inspiring case example method.   

Josiah has personally facilitated over 1,000 marketing and strategy workshops here and abroad since 1990.  For pioneering and successfully sharing many educational initiatives, "Joe" was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2001, and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World in 2002 in the field of business education (the first and only Filipino awarded to date) and was bestowed by his peers the rare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 by the Association of Marketing Educators (One of only two marketing educators in the Philippines given this honor). He was also accorded the World Brand Leadership Award in 2009 (India), and the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (England).