Consumer Promotions Planning Essentials

Consumer Promotion Planning Essentials
(Exclusive to in-house only)

Sales Promo Planning 101 Made Easy! 

If you need to do sales promotions, you might as well do it right. Attend this course to increase sales while building brand equity. 
This interactive course guides participants through the critical and disciplined steps of developing a sound consumer sales promo plan that meets your marketing objectives. Trends and threats noted in sales promotions will also be shared with the participants. 

There are many ways to increase sales with promotions, and just as many ways to waste hard-earned money with promotions and even damage your brand – Understand what you can properly do with sales promotions! 

Understand which promo to fully fund to create the biggest impact and excellent sales and profits. Get insights and ideas from the many case examples to be presented and understand how originality and consistency matters in achieving marketing and sales objectives and ROI goals. Learn how to recognize and avoid common pitfalls and myths about promotions. Go beyond common promotional tools so you and your team work smarter! 

·         As part of a small team working and learning together, learn to compare sales promotion campaigns and evaluate their results
·         By discovery, gain knowledge on sales promo planning
·         By working on a specified case study, get the chance to develop a sales promotion campaign that reinforces brand identity to promote long term growth
·         Speed up brand trial and acceptance using a step-by-step planning tool
·         Guard brand equity from being abused to attain short-term sales results
·         Get greater returns on promo spending by more effective programs, cutting unnecessary promos and instead launching only campaigns that work for the brand
·         Free up money to maximize funding for programs that really build consumer preference for your brands
Module 1: 3 Case Studies of Using Sales Promo to Build the Business and Brand
·         Differentiating brand image
·         Co-marketing a much anticipated new product
·         Reinforcing advertising message
Module 2: What's the big picture?
·         Criteria for a good sales promo/Predicting promo success
·         Limits of and arguments against sales promos
·         Why sales promo spending is growing rapidly
·         Effects of sales promos
·         Understanding promo needs (from your numbers and market research)
·         Objectives of sales promos, prioritizing the tasks for the brand
Module 3: Planning the Details
·         Using your promotions history to your advantage
·         Over 100 point-of-purchase promo tools to choose from
·         Energizing after 10 flat years
·         Specialty to mainstream
Module 4: ROI Side
·         The prisoner's dilemma
·         Financial measures: The frequently missing link
·         Self-test: 8 indicators of loose vs. tight promo fund management
·         Ways to transform promo management from "sales-driven" to "marketing-driven"
·         ROI Exercises
·         Template for effective trade fund management
Module 5: Implementing and Evaluating
·         Where reality bites
·         Evaluating performance
·         Module 6: Putting It All Together
·         Application workshop

Brand Managers, Associates and Assistants, Channel Managers, Promotions Managers, Sales Managers, Regional Managers and Supervisors, Trade Marketing Managers, Officers and Specialists