From Selling to Managing

Are you on your way to RECOVERY from the CRISIS?

How can your sales force be best led to recover from this crisis?
Logically, now more than ever, the spotlight shines on sales managers and supervisors.

So ask yourselves…

  • How well-prepared for crisis recovery are your sales leaders?
  • How many of them have been placed or promoted but are reliant on just their personal experiences?
  • How many of them were sales frontliners who moved up the ladder without the proper sales management training?
  • Are they equipped to switch to the appropriate sales management mode or do they have only one style of sales management?
  • Are they aware that style should follow strategy and not the other way around? How many style permutations can they perform at will?
  • Do they have the proper framework and process for sales management in the first place?
  • Do they have the important tools to help them succeed as sales leaders?
  • Do they know what qualities of a sales leader should be emphasized and consciously projected in times of recovering from a crisis?
  • Do they know where to allocate their precious time to optimize results?

Would it not make sense to equip them with the right knowledge, skills and tools upgrade to heighten their probability of leading your sales teams to victory?

Moreover, do they know that sales management has four (4) modes and that one of these is the “CRISIS” mode? Do they know that the focus points and even the activities for each mode ARE VERY DIFFERENT? Would you want to take chances on trial and error or judgment based on experience in another mode?  Quite frankly, isn’t that tantamount to sending your sales leaders to a predicable but avoidable massacre?

If there’s going to be months of crisis ahead, does it not make sense to let your sales leaders spare just two (2) days to help get their act together? Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” That’s 67% time for training being implied. So two (2) days off the frontline would not be too much compared to this, wouldn’t it?

To ensure better chances for sales victories, especially in these challenging times, send your sales leaders from the national (yes, we have been training those that are 10 years or even more on the job without formal sales management training or tools) to the unit level to the program entitled:

Key Benefits to Participants
Each participant will learn:

  • frameworks and the process for transitioning successfully from selling to managing (some past participants have been in transition for as long as more than a decade!)
  • frameworks and processes in sales supervision, management, and other critical key result areas
  • managing sales in each of the four (4) different modes, specially the crisis mode
  • related seeds of skill development
  • tools that can be used on the job
  • confidence points

Key Benefits to Companies
The company will gain:

  • from the knowledge, process and skill upgrade of your sales supervisor/manager
  • from less trial and error from experimentation on the part of your sales manager/supervisor
  • from lesser risk of failure that will require rework to fix issues which may even include another tiring round of search and replacement of personnel
  • from losing good sales people down the line who may not take the new sales management style and mistakes sitting down
  • from having applicable systems and management tools installed by your sales manager/supervisor
  • from knowing how to manage sales in each of the four (4) different modes, specially the crisis mode

Program Concept
Equip sales leaders specially those who were former frontline sales people as well as those who have never been trained properly yet, with the necessary frameworks, processes, skills to excel as sales managers.   Exercises and workshops help the participant get a handle of the use of these newfound skills and tools.  The facilitator further reinforces this skill upgrade effort by way of field experience-sharing, relating stories/examples and providing tips.

Program Overview

  • Parallel Simulation Game Workshop “The captain is dead!”
  • Sales Management Quotient – a snap diagnostic test

Module 1: The Transitional Challenges as Viewed from the Captain’s Seat

  • Selling vs. Managing
  • Transitioning from peer to a leader
  • Managing former peers, particularly those who have strong dominant personalities or may have been longer with a bonded team
  • Managing Transitional Challenges “Well, I guess that makes me Captain…well…ah, Mr. Scottie can you beam up a captain’s manual.”

Module 2: Management Myths & Malpractices that ruin performances and careers

  • Myths & malpractices and remedial rescue tips for those caught in the quagmire
  • Getting rid of selected current Myths or Malpractices

Module 3: Foundational Frameworks and Processes of Effective Sales Management

  • Sound management principles
  • Trends in sales management
  • Management functions relevant to the context of sales management
  • Sales management processes

Module 4: People Management Skills

  • Discovering personal management style to avoid clashing with personalities
  • Tools for people management
  • People management matrix

Case examples from the following products / industries shall be cited:

  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Direct Selling
  • Distribution
  • Food & Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Personal Care
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Retailing
  • Telecom
  • Technology

Case examples of the following scenarios shall be discussed:

  • Managing a new territory or a start-up unit
  • Fixing an ill-performing group
  • Sustaining a team that’s doing well already
  • Real unit situation is misread by the superior
  • Cracking to peek through an insider’s view
  • Understanding the complexities underneath the table of organization
  • Distilling key factors to make the unit succeed
  • Taking advantage of a pre-assumption phase
  • Systematically learning the ropes quickly
  • Adjusting management style to unit mission status
  • Finding the right focus points based on transition phase and unit mission status
  • Playing with degrees of control
  • Macro or micro managing?
  • Managing different activity clusters and functions
  • Employing the triangle of compliance to secure cooperation
  • Using the sequence of influence
  • Testing the waters with a team
  • Winning support for your program
  • Quelling program resistance and eliminating resistance
  • Using the competence-attitude matrix
  • Selecting, hiring and orienting new hires
  • Mentoring and guiding promising performers
  • Coaching and counseling problematic subordinates
  • Confronting underperformers, firing undesirables and replacing personnel

What our past participants said:
“The whole program is very relevant to my job. I now will be able to effectively perform my duties both as a leader and as a team member.” –Richard Uybengkee, Sales Manager, Christine International Philippines, Inc.

“Very good in terms of content and delivery. The speaker’s personal experiences and stories are credible sources of information and inspiration.” –Harvey Chua, General Manager, Adphoto, Inc.

“The speaker is really knowledgeable…and that made the presentation very interesting, and learning fun.” –Dennis Cacho, Sales and Marketing Supervisor, Amway Philippines

“The seminar director has full grasp of the topic and is able to deliver the lessons in simple terms and through understandable analogies.” –Edilberto Tagaan, Regional Sales Business Manager, Fil-Am Foods, Inc.

“The seminar was handled really well, and the methodology used was very effective.” –Edgar Mejellano, Area Sales Supervisor,International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Mr. Untivero’s lessons are perfectly reinforced by his sharing of his experiences.” –Serge M. Tan III, Regional Sales Manager, Fil-Am Foods, Inc.

“I have gained a lot of information and insights from the seminar director. Sir Rowen surely can engage the participants well.” – Ken Acap, Assistant Marketing Research Manger, International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“The seminar is very helpful, relevant and fun!” –Myra Bautista, Merck, Sharp and Dohme

“The best speaker!” – Angeline Yu, Sales and Operations Manager, Cebu Oversea

“Excellent!!!” –Eddie Buiquil, District Sales Manager, International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“I strongly recommend Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. to other companies!” –Rubilyn Ardani, Department Manager, Cebu Home and Builders Center

“Rowen is one of the most knowledgeable and more importantly, credible speakers I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing and learning from.” – Noli D. Hernandez, First V.P., Megaworld Corporation

“The seminar enhances my knowledge, not only career wise but also to my overall life experiences.” – Irish Castro, Key Accounts Supervisor, Goodman Fielder Int’l Phils.

“Great seminar. Definitely a-must for managers who want to succeed.” – Fred Piedad, Direct Sales Channel Manager, Metrobank Card Corp.

“Rowen delivered the knowledge effectively though an animated manner, injecting actual life experiences to drive the point with good workshops and exercises to enhance learnings.” –Bing Reyes, Sales Manager, Phelps Dodge Phils.

Recent participants include:

  • National Sales Manager of Finfish Hatcheries, Inc.
  • District Sales Manager of Golden ABC
  • Business Development Manager of AHD Advance Communications System, Inc.
  • Business Development Manager of Charter Chemical & Coating Corp.
  • Business Development Head of Q2 Search
  • Finance Manager of Bearing Center and Machinery Inc.
  • Team Manager of San Miguel Purefoods Co., Inc.
  • Senior Sales Manager of Asea Brown Boveri
  • Senior Manager of Fujitsu Philippines
  • Sales Manager of Innove Communications, Inc.
  • Sales Manager of Odessa Foods
  • Circulation Manager of Summit Publishing
  • Regional Sales Manager of Uni-President
  • District Manager of Boie-Takeda Chemicals, Inc.
  • Area Marketing Manager of Union Galvasteel
  • Area Sales Manager of Getz Bros.
  • Area Sales Manager of Universal Robina Corp.
  • Branch Manager of Mitsubishi Motors Cebu
  • District Sales Manager of Zynova Pharmaceuticals
  • Key Account Manager of Baxter Healthcare
  • Sales Officer of Fompac Plastics Corp.
  • Product Officer of Glenwood Technologies
  • Product Supervisor of
  • Senior Sales Supervisor of Surgico Philippines
  • Sales Supervisor of Cebu Holdings
  • Team Leader of Metrovet, Inc.
  • Senior Systems Application Representative of Data Center Design
  • Technical Sales Representative of Marsman Drysdale
  • Key Accounts Specialist of Vibelle Distribution
  • Key Accounts Specialist of 3S Foods
  • Regional Sales Leader, Blaine Group of Companies
  • Key Accounts Sales Supervisor, Goodman Fielders International Phils., Inc.
  • Division Manager, Level Up, Inc.
  • Operations Manager, Isabela RC Commercial
  • Channel Manager, Metrobank Card Corporation
  • Sales Manager, Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation
  • Key Accounts Specialist, Summit Publishing Co., Inc.
  • District Manager, AB Food & Beverages Philippines, Inc.
  • President, MCJR Realty and Development Corporation

About the Speaker:
Partner and 
Chief Sales Strategist,
Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.
Former country manager of Alcatel, former general manager for provincial operations of Smart, former professor of the Ateneo de Manila University, rose from the ranks of different companies (P&G, Tupperware, Pocketbell)

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