Story Selling Strategies and Skills

by Rowen Untivero

Benefit to Companies

  • Companies of seminar participants will:
  • Gain revenues from improved story selling skills
  • Secure not only logical buy-in points from customers but emotional appeal and stickiness
  • Reinforce customers’ appeal and loyalty to company brand/s
  • Manage customer issues more effectively

Benefit to Participants

  • At the end of the seminar, participants should be able to:
  • Effectively sell using combined sell-logic and emotional journey management
  • Gain knowledge of frameworks and principles in story selling
  • Acquire valuable tools to craft selling stories, using story styles anchored on situation-appropriate strategies
  • Secure skill seeds in executing story selling
  • Earned additional confidence points

Program Concept
By aligning customer emotional journey and sell-logic, customer buy-in becomes more holistic, and thereby more probable.
The course first anchors participants onto frameworks and principles. Then it takes the participants through two major phases: tool and strategy-guided story-crafting and story selling execution. Thereafter, participants get to use the tool to analyze real situations, determine strategies and select the appropriate style to craft and execute story selling.

Program Overview 
Pre-cursor Activity
Part 1: Frameworks and Principles
•          SSS Mother Framework
•          SPACE Analysis
•          8 Emotional Journeys
•          1 Pre-buy-in and 3 Buy-in Phases
Part 2A: Story-selling Strategy-Anchored Crafting Template
•          What are the Template Segments
•          How to Lay down the Situation Using the Template
•          How to Analyze the Template to Determine Strategies and Styles
Part 2B: Story-Selling Template-Guided Strategy Determination Workshop
•          Exercise on Filling up the Template Using Participants’ Real Situations
•          Exercise on Analysis to Determine Story Selling Strategy
Part 2C: Story-Selling Style Selection Workshop
•          Progressive Exercise on Filling up the Template Using Participants’ Real Situations
•          Progressive Exercise on Determining Strategy-aligned Story Selling Styles
Part 2D: Story-Selling Crafting Exercise
•          Template-guided Exercise  in Crafting a Sell Story
•          Pre-testing a Crafted Sell Story
Part 3A: Story Selling Execution Skills Input
•          Audience Captivation
•          Emotional Journey Management
•          Buy-in Phases Management
•          Aligning Action
Part 3B: Story Selling Execution Skills Workshop
•          Reality-Simulated Presentations of Output
•          Critiquing and Reinforcement of Story Selling Presentations
Learning Summary and Skill Development Tips
Who should attend:
•          sales person, young or old, inexperienced or a veteran,
•          sales supervisors, sales managers, and sales directors
•          brand and marketing supervisors, officers and managers
•          customer service officers, supervisors, managers
•          top management executives
•          professional buying/procurement personnel
•          entrepreneurs
Seminar Methodology
Utilizes the following:
•          Interactive Lectures
•          Real Stories (Cited Cases)
•          Tool Laboratory
•          Skill Exercises
•          Class Presentations with Reinforcement and Critiquing
•          Class Discussions
Case examples from the following products / industries may be cited:
•          Advertising
•          Automotive
•          Agriculture
•          Banking
•          Construction
•          Consumer Durables
•          Direct Selling
•          Distribution
•          Energy
•          Events Marketing
•          Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Cosmetics)
•          Forwarding
•          Insurance
•          Media
•          Network Marketing
•          Pharmaceuticals
•          Professional Services
•          Technology
•          Telecom
Case examples of the following scenarios shall be discussed:
•          SSS Mother Framework
•          Analyzing S.P.A.C.E.
•          Each of the Buy-in Emotional Journeys
•          Each of the Buy-in Phases
•          Story Crafting Tool Usage
•          Story Selling Execution 

Partner and Chief Sales Strategist
26 year-plus veteran of Training, Coaching and Consulting. 28 years of successful sales, buying and negotiation practice, injector of science in the fields of selling, negotiation, sales management, business-to-business marketing, and retail optimization as well as management via his original framework, processes and tools. He is the pioneering developer of the world’s first mathematics of negotiation, strategic nego-mapping methodology, 3D Language Wheel (verbals tones and body language), selling  mechanics as well as systematic account development strategies, tools in a business-to-business setting,  sales management framework, simplified problem solving, effective coordination, the 4 modes of management, conflict resolution, problem solving, effective coordination and smoothen communication in organizations and many more. He provides a 360-degree and multi-dimensional set of perspectives from that of the CEO, middle management, down to that of the front-liner and staff member and has had exposure in almost every industry.