Data-Driven Marketing: Getting the Most Impact From Your Internal and External Data (2 Day Seminar)
Key benefits for participants

Each participant will:
  • Be better at using internally generated sales data and other performance indicators to identify problems and opportunities earlier
  • Be better at assessing business building programs and understanding whether they work, and what to do to make them better
  • Be able to help assist you organize your sales data for maximum use, especially if you are not a big firm with a lot of experience using data.
  • Better understand Nielsen shares, including Nielsen coverage and how to check data versus shipments
  • Learn what kinds of consumer research to use to support decision-making, including both quantitative and qualitative research for problem exploration and identification of solutions
  • Gain an appreciation for the use of other newer research methods such as consumer panels
Key benefits for the company

The company will gain
From having sales andmarketing people who can more effectively use the large amounts of largely underutilized sales data and other internal data as well as from external research sources and methods

By exploiting opportunities or fixing problems which can be identified faster when sales and marketing people can use data better
Program Concept
Paraphrasing the great Jack Welch of General Electric, the ability to correctly identify opportunities and problems at the customer level earlier than your competition, and learn from them faster than they can is possibly your only advantage over competition.
Key account sales managers, general trade sales managers and marketing people need to be able to quickly go through data and identify at an early stage any problems or opportunities. Problems that need to be corrected asap and opportunities that can be exploited all over the country for maximum effect.Decisions such as those are much more effective when grounded on a solid grasp of facts. Facts that often can besales or other internal performance data or externally sourced and expensive data from research agencies.
This course combines briefings and workshops that will give key account and general sales managers and marketers a better grasp of how data can be inexpensively obtained and used to identify problems and opportunities and support different decisions that marketing and sales people often face. To ensure that they internalize the skill of using information and can apply the skill when they get back to work.
Module 1 – Core Marketing Metrics
Connecting company directions/strategy to critical measures
   o   From Awareness to Customer Profitability
Module 2 - Making The Most of What You Have – Getting and Effectively Reading Customer Sales Data
Using internal sales data
   o   Limitations of the widely used year to date figures
   o   Measures to sharpen early identification of opportunities and problems
Workshop on reading sales data
The essential pre/event/post framework
Implications of trade behavior
Workshop on defining pre/event/post periods
Enhancing sales data with useful segments/classes
   o   Understanding your product flow through to the user
   o   Defining differentiated customer segments, including highest value customers
Measures to sharpen tracking of performance, including multi-month/multi-activity programs
Workshop on promo/special event assessment
Applying alternative analyses to marketing programs ranging from multi-activity to single-activity/account-specific
Workshop on retailer sales data
Key obstacles to getting data
Module 3–Making Sense of Consumption Data (Retail Panel)versus Shipments
What does detail panel data tell you
What decisions can you resolve with retail panel data
Common issues:
   o   Understanding coverage factors, reconciling differences in your shipments and Nielsen purchases share movements, where             manufacturers often underestimate their problem
   o   Actionability of area breakdowns
   o   Groupwork on coverage
Workshop on coverage factors
Module 4 – Going Beyond Sales Performance: Your Own Internal Customer Data Plus Consumer Research
-          Getting and using internal customer data for planning and decisions
-          Analyzing research data to get the most for your money
-          Helping decide whether you have a promising new product/product concept
-          Helping show how satisfied or dissatisfied people are with your brand
-          Helping identify your advertising’s strong and weak points
-          Combining sales, Nielsen, consumer panel and consumer research data toget a clearer picture
-          Common issues
Cases from the following categories will be cited:
-          Confectionery
-          Coffee
-          Financial services
-          Gaming services
-          Hotels
-          Retail chains
-          Recruitment
-          Shampoo
-          Shaving products
-          Software
-          Toothpaste
Audience for this seminar are key account sales and marketing people who want to use data more effectively to make a business case or proposal, or who want to help their organizations build the ability to use data more effectively