The internet has shaped the way marketing is played in the corporate world. With the onset of portals, search engines, social networking sites, and microblogging, the online world seems to have advanced more aggressively than the ordinary marketing mind can comprehend. At the same time, the next generation of consumers and audiences are not discerning, and are using the internet like it has become a part of daily task.

The internet, being the most measurable and interactive of all media, has opened up a new frontier on how marketing approaches their strategy and media planning. It can be the most effective tool and weapon as brands have now the power to actively engage their audiences. At the same time, the internet has brought about special powers that changed the tide of business, and has given control of content and conversations about brands to the mass audiences.

Navigating the world of the internet and the possibilities of how it can be used as a marketing tool are challenges marketers now face in this digital age. Given the right framework and customizing it to their overall marketing objectives, brands can emerge victorious not by conquering the online platform, but by mastering how to manage this unstable and dynamic creature called the Internet.

Key Benefits to Participants
Participants will be able to understand the new world of digital, and its effect to the overall business and the overall marketing roadmap of their companies. In this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate marketing objectives from digital objectives, and create the digital marketing objectives of their brands.
  • Identify the different market segments using a technographic profiling method
  • Analyze and different various online media platform and tools, potentially creating their own digital marketing media plan
  • Learn to track the performance of their digital campaigns

Key Benefits to Companies
Your company will gain:

  • Companies can benefit from a more comprehensive approach on their digital marketing plans and learn from the success and challenges of global and local case studies. Companies can dive into digital and lessen their chances of failure through a tried-and-tested digital marketing roadmap
  • Companies will be able to learn and institutionalize a company-wide digital marketing program that will prepare each stakeholder on their key tasks and responsibilities on establishing their digital footprint

Program Concept
The program will showcase a digital marketing framework that will help marketing practitioners in crafting their digital marketing strategy. It will help marketers look at the different concepts of marketing in a digital light. While the basic fundamentals of marketing like segmentation, target audiences, and media management remain to be universal, the dynamism of the internet has changed the way how marketers looked into these concepts. It is therefore important that marketers understand the new principles behind old marketing concepts, and how re-applying the internet into marketing makes a totally different marketing plan altogether, in fact, making it a more powerful and potent marketing plan. At the end of the program, participants are expected to create their own digital marketing plan that will align to the overall master plan of their respective brands.

Program Overview
The program will present a digital marketing framework that will allow marketers as guide in strategizing, developing, and implementing their digital marketing plan. The program can be divided into five key modules, which will provide a step-by-step approach on appreciating and understanding the different components of a digital marketing plan. The last module will look at various best in class case studies where participants can learn from. Case examples from the following product/service categories: Fast moving consumer goods and service industries like top consumer brands and the tourism industry have been aggressive in dipping their feet into the world of digital. See how they do it and the different successes and learning as they extend their brands to the world of online.

Module 1: Creating your Digital Marketing Objectives
Module 2: Identifying your Internet Market Audience 
Module 3: Choosing which digital platform to play 
Module 4: Measuring digital performance 
Module 5: Best in class digital marketing case studies

What our past participants said:
“I’m so glad my boss found this training seminar for me. It challenges me to go beyond designing and administering our corporate website. It gives me more confidence to talk to my boss to consider a bigger budget to launch better digital campaigns and drive in visitors & donations.” – Margaret Rodriguez, KMBI

“This seminar really enhanced my knowledge/learning about Digital Marketing.” – Debbie Baluyot, BPI/MS Insurance

“I feel more confident about mounting a digital campaign.”  – Edric Chen, Bounty Farms, Inc.

“I’ve never expected how Social Networking Sites/Fan page of Facebook can build a relationship with your target market, for them to get hooked on your product aside from just creating awareness and giving information. This seminar has really inspired me to reach out more through this portal.” – Dorothy Joy Wong, Marketing Officer, Business World

“Very good. I’m excited to apply the learnings to the brand I’m handling. The seminar gave me a clear understanding of what a digital marketing is.” – Marvey Alcantara, Gardenia

“It’s comprehensive and it covered both the opportunities and limitations. It opened my mind to the things we can do in the digital world.” – Giov Delfin, Trade Marketing Manager, Wyeth Phil.

Recent participants include:

  • Marketing and Communications Head, Ancilla Development Enterprise Consulting, Inc.
  • Marketing Head, Mr. Quickie Corporation
  • Marketing Services Manager, Robert Bosch, Inc.
  • Corporate Officer, United Laboratories, Inc.
  • Program Manager, Bankard, Inc.
  • Product Officer, Century Canning Corporation
  • AVP-Contact Center, Business Development, Pioneer Life, Inc.
  • Marketing Communications Officer, Stratagem Design International Corporation
  • AVP-Marketing and Sales, Team Pacific Corporation
  • Director-Advertising and Promotions, Cebu Pacific Air
  • Marketing Manager- Philippine Savings Bank
  • Marketing Services Officer – Monark Equipment Corporation

Who should attend:
Marketing and Sales Management Practitioners, Brand / Product Managers, Assistant Brand Managers, Marketing Officers, Ad and Promo Managers, Sales Managers, Trade Marketers, Category Managers, Heads of Support Services specifically in IT, and any departments who have a stake in the digital marketing planning and execution.

About the Speaker
Chief e-Marketing Strategist
Mansmith and Fielders, Inc

Managing director of MRM Worldwide Manila, former CEO of Yehey Corporation and Media Contacts Manila, former vice president of Philippine Daily Inquirer, youngest to serve as president of the Philippine Marketing Association, and also the founding president of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines.

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