Service Innovation and Servitization

Discover, Differentiate, and Dominate your Future              


A Collaboration of 3 Disciplines:   Marketing + Service + Innovation


Josiah Go’s  Business Model Innovation  + Market-Driving Innovation

Chiqui Escareal-Go’s  Service Marketing + Delivering Outstanding Service


Products or brands now live or die by the promise and execution of service. With quick commoditization and shrinking margin as a fact of business life, companies are choosing to differentiate via service offerings that could be more difficult to replicate. Since service is intangible, the challenge of services involves understanding unmet needs and formulating an innovative idea to the market to differentiate the brand.


Key Benefits to Participants
Participants will learn:

  •  Ease of spotting opportunities in the creation of new service ideas
  • How to use service innovation or servitization as a source of competitive advantage


Key Benefits to Companies
The company will gain:


  • Teams who understand how to create true customer value via new service ideas
  • Frameworks and tools to guide their strategy and execution


Program Overvieww

Module 1:  Service, Service Innovation and Servitization

  • 3 Levels of Service Innovation
  • 8 P’s of Service Mix
  •  6 I’s Elements of Service
  • Lessons from 2 introductory service case studies (bank and retail store)
  • Sources and interdependencies of service innovation
  • Trends and patterns in service innovation


Module 2: Innovation Tools to Help Leapfrog your Service Career

  • 4 Capabilities needed by every service leader
  • JTBD and Outcome Expectations: Knowing what customers want and who you are up against
  • BIDA Check-up: Distinguishing pain points of customers, competitor’s customers and non-customers
  • Decomposition Map: How to use ‘principle of selectivity’  in action
  • RUSO Test:  Matching service proposition to tiers of target market
  • Perceptual Map: Planning for your local monopoly
  • Business Model Map: Integrating your innovation interdependencies

Module 3: 5C’s of Innovation Process

  • Contrast, Conflict, Challenge, Create, Configure
  • Case studies of problematic service business models
  • Bootcamp application to real world scenarios


Module 4: Service Innovation  :  From service satisfaction to service delight

  • Cases and lessons
  • 10 ways government can innovate on service
  • Innovating on an existing service innovation
  • Service Innovation Tournament

Module 5: Servitization :  From Product to Service or Offering System

  • Cases and lessons
  • 3 levels of service
  • Servitization enhancers
  • Servitization Tournament


Over 40 new ideas to help attract people to your organization:
Case Studies: Airline, Automobile, Bank, Bed, Car Rental, Car Repair, Cement, Computers, Coffee, Courier, Diagnostic Tests, Dolls, Drugstore, E-Book Readers, Education, Electronic Repairs, Engine, Energy,  Fashion, Fast Food, Financial Services, Fitness Center, Furniture, Gov’t service, Health gadgets, Hotel, Insurance, Magazine, Outdoor Advertising, Paint, Pharmaceutical, Personal Grooming, Plastic, Restaurant, Retail, Shoes, Solar, Supermarket, Telecom, Tools, Toys, Used Car Sales, Video Games, Video Rental and Wet Market



About the Speakers: 

Lead Facilitator :  Chiqui Escareal-Go, Chief Service Strategist

Guest Speaker :  Josiah Go, Chief Marketing Strategist


Chiqui Escareal-Go is author/co-author of 5 marketing and entrepreneurship books. She is an Executive Scholar for Marketing and Sales, Kellogg Business School (Northwestern University) and took advanced marketing programs at Harvard Business School, University of California (Berkeley) and Columbia University (Ceibs).  She is vice president of the Women’s Business Council Philippines, a member of the board of trustees of St. Paul College Pasig and Kythe Foundation, Inc. and was recognized as Outstanding Filipina Entrepreneur 2011 (Trailblazer Category).


Josiah Go is author/co-author of 13 bestselling books on marketing, sales and entrepreneurship.  He is chairman and director of 12 companies and is the first and only Filipino to be awarded one of Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the world in business education, in a search among 1,000 Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) from over 100 countries.


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