The program will showcase a social media marketing framework that will help marketing practitioners in developing a successful social media campaign. Given the numerous demand for creating social media campaigns, this program will give marketers a grasp of how to properly plan and execute a marketing campaign hinged on social media. While the basic fundamentals of a marketing campaign like segmentation, target audiences, and media management remain to be universal, the dynamism of the internet has changed the way how marketers should look into these concepts. It is therefore important that marketers understand the new principles behind social media concepts, and how re-applying the internet into creating a social media campaign can exponentially push a brand forward, or if done wrong, backfire on the brand. At the end of the program, participants are expected to be able to develop a social media campaign for their respective brands.

The program will present a social media marketing framework that will provide marketers as guide in strategizing, developing, and implementing their own social media program. The program can be divided into five key modules, which will provide a step-by-step approach on appreciating and understanding the different components of a successful social media campaign. The modules will look at various best in class social media case studies where participants can learn from. Case examples from the following product/service categories:
Fast moving consumer goods and service industries like top consumer brands and the tourism industry have been aggressive in dipping their feet into the world of digital. See how they do it and the different successes and learning as they extend their brands to the world of social media.

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Social Media

Module 2: Creating a Step-by-Step Social Media Marketing Plan

Module 3: Choosing which Social platform to engage

Module 4: Managing a Brand's online community

Module 5: Measuring Social Media Marketing performance


Donald L. Lim
Chief E-Marketing Strategist

Chief Digital Officer of ABS-CBN. Former managing director of MRM Worldwide Manila, former CEO of Yehey Corporation and Media Contacts Manila, former vice president of Philippine Daily Inquirer, youngest to serve as president of the Philippine Marketing Association, and also the founding president of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines.