Strategies and Secrets of Sales Achievers

Replace the guesswork with a practical but scientific model that helps salespeople see the determinants of success in the field of selling!

Indeed, it is true that selling is part art and part science…part art because it involves a dynamic factor -human beings; part science as framework and processes have been proven to be replicable time and again.  

Understand the dynamics between different elements that impact sales performance. Learn to use a process-based strategy to manage the controllable elements while understanding how to deal with the uncontrollable factors in relation to attaining superior selling performance. Realize that there are different selling environments. Better yet, identify in each selling environment factors requiring focus to ensure survival.  Best of all, learn how to excel in each of those environments.  Plus, benchmark with the qualities, practices and attitudes of super sales achievers.

Program Concept 
THERE IS A FORMULA FOR SALES SUCCESS. “Strategies and Secrets of Sales Achievers” provides participants an organized way of understanding the elements that determine selling success, how these elements relate to one another and what are actionable points to improve one’s selling performance.

Key benefits for companies
The company will gain:

  • from the knowledge and process upgrade of the participants you send to this seminar
  • from your sales personnel’s better understanding of the different  elements, dynamics and what they can do to deliver better sales performance
  • from the positive impact of having your sales personnel benchmark with best practices, qualities and attitudes of super sales achievers
  • when the other non-sales team members also attend, a higher level of interdepartmental understanding, cooperation and support for one another

Key benefits for participants
Each participant will learn:

  • the sales success frameworks and processes
  • captivating insights that can spawn positive change in one’s own situation how to reinforce good practices and identify bad habits to be weeded out
  • how to inherit tools that can be used for sales diagnostics as well as prescriptions for action
  • how to earn confidence points as a by-product of learning

Program Overview
Module 1: 
 Sales Success Equation

  • Factors that contribute to sales success and how to improve on them
  • Framework that integrates the dynamics of the factors and how they form to become the sales success equation
  • Sales success equation based on the type of selling being used by the company/industry

Module 2:  Strategies of Sales Achievers

  • Strategy frameworks that lead to sales success
  • Components and key processes overview
  • Tools that are essential in putting the strategy frameworks to action


  • Secrets revealed by super achievers in sales
  • Real-life stories of sales icons (super sales achievers) to paint a picturesque description of how they become consistent achievers
  • Secrets of sales achievers and what makes them replicable
  • Best practices and great attitudes towards sales super achievement

Who should attend
Entrepreneurs (business owners, people in charge of sales, people who support sales), Chief Sales Officers, Sales Managers (national, regional, unit, territory level), Sales Supervisors, Account Executives, Sales Representatives, Sales support staff (to understand better your sales people), Non-sales personnel (for transfer or contemplating transfer to a sales function)   and people who hire or manage sales people will largely benefit from this seminar.

Case Examples From The Following Product/Service Categories

  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Consumer Durables
  • Direct Selling
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (Food, Personal Care, Cosmetics)
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Network Marketing
  • Professional Services
  • Retailing
  • Telecom
  • Technology

Case Examples Of The Following Scenarios Shall Be Discussed:

  • Dissecting the sales success equation
  • Building strong base components for selling success
  • Measuring motivation to sell
  • Tweaking sales performance-enabling components
  • Using the selling milieus framework in selecting salespeople to hire or assign
  • Adjusting selling success coefficients according to selling milieu
  • Overcoming External Limiting Factors (ELFs)
  • Developing a strategy for improved selling performance
  • Handling failure
  • Building people networks
  • Conquering drivers to sales performance
  • Determining the preferred ultimate reward
  • Becoming an integral adviser to clients
  • The supplier value matrix
  • Balancing business satisfaction among 3 critical stakeholders

What our past participants said:
“Hours ago I hesitated to come because I knew right away that I would be out of place basing on the age range the seminar would have, but probably out of sheer curiosity and hunger for knowledge, I came… and guess what, I learned that these 8 hours would probably be the best foundation I will have as I will handle the sales in our family owned company. I got what I needed to push me up.” – Jordan Phoebe Bacalso, Marketing Manager, MCJR Realty and Development Corp.

“This   training has not only added to my sales skills but also it will equip me in achieving my personal aspirations, advocacy and ministry. It’s good to have a speaker that displays passion for the poor. Very encouraging.”  – Ivy Llena, Business Development Officer, ASAP advertising

“ This seminar is a great way for starters like me to get profound insights and ready ourselves for the market” – Michael Armamento, Sales Engineer, FEDCOR

Recent Participants Include: (Vis-Min Based Companies)

  • President of Alternative Foods
  • Finance and Admin Manager of MCJR Realty
  • Finance Manager of Metro Ace Plastic
  • Business Development Officer of Advertising Services and Promotions
  • Banquet Sales Executive of Marco Polo Plaza
  • Account Executive of Cebu Daily News
  • Marketing Assistant of King’s Quality Foods
  • Medical Representative of Zynova Pharmaceutical


About the Speaker
Partner and Chief Sales Strategist, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

Former country manager of Alcatel, former general manager for provincial  operations of Smart, former professor of the Ateneo de Manila University, rose from the ranks of different companies (P&G, Tupperware, Pocketbell)


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