The show must go on! The marketing conference of the year will be pushing through virtually on November 16-20, 2020!

As we face unprecedented circumstances and navigate the new normal together as a nation, we will be pivoting the annual Mansmith Market Masters Conference into a fully online format. With technological capabilities allowing everyone to learn and connect remotely regardless of distance and location, this year’s iteration of the Mansmith Market Masters Conference will allow speakers to connect with attendees even more closely than before. 

By attending the Mansmith Market Masters Conference, you will not only have the opportunity to learn from the best of the best in the country, you will also be helping struggling MSMEs attend for free! For every confirmed registration, we are committed to giving FREE access to the MSME community*!

What do you get from attending?
Registrants can attend sessions and interact directly with 17 all-star CEOs from the comfort of home—high-impact sessions that carry the same value minus the risks, on topics that you care about. Here are the sessions we have in store:

Session 1: November 16, 2PM to 4PM

CEO Views on the Linkage of Strategist to Strategy

Top executives drive strategy formulation and execution, but that is becoming more difficult in a now fast-paced world where agility reigns over rigidity in the decision-making process. In this session, our CEO panelists will answer questions such as:
  • How does the personal background of a strategist influence strategy formulation?
  • How do you see things differently and think differently?
  • What capabilities should be present in a chief strategy officer? 
  • What criteria do you use in making big and bold decisions?
  • Which part of strategic planning process would need changing and why?  

CEO panelists
  • William Belo, Chairman Emeritus of Wilcon Depot
  • Robby Go, President and CEO of UBS Securities
  • Benjamin Yao, Chairman and CEO of SteelAsia

Session 2: November 17, 2PM to 4PM
CEO views on Balancing Short-term Activation and Long-term Brand Building

The ability to balance immediately achievable goals and future-driven, big-picture goals is a key skill every marketer and brand strategist must master. In this session, our CEO panelists will answer questions such as:
  • What top three things have you done to survive and prepare to thrive and be ahead in the recovery?
  • How do you balance both short-term and long-term? What is the importance of each?
  • How do you reassure the marketing team that a certain strategy is the appropriate one?
  • More than ever, there is a need for brand purpose. How do you measure its ROI? 
  • How do you expand your brand's core and pivot into new opportunities? 

CEO panelists
  • Tennyson Chen, CEO of Bounty Group
  • Bing Limjoco, CEO of Francorp Philippines
  • Robert Trota, CEO of Max’s Group

Session 3: November 18, 2PM to 4PM
CEO Views on Business Model Shift before Creative Marketing

Inability to identify new opportunities will derail a company's growth and may be a marker of an outdated business model. In this session, our CEO panelists will answer questions such as:
  • When is the best time to change your business model? How often do you change it? 
  • What opportunities and threats should you look for when reviewing your business model? 
  • What are indicators that your business model is resilient and sustainable? 
  • What are key factors for success in executing a business model innovation? 
  • How can you successfully set-up barriers to entry to prevent competition from catching up with your business model innovation?

CEO panelists
  • Edwin Bautista, President and CEO of Union Bank
  • Tina Tan, President of Suy Sing
  • Jimmy Thai, CEO of The Primer Group

Session 4: November 19, 2PM to 4PM
CEO views on Pre versus Post-Covid Vaccines Marketing Plan

Extenuating circumstances which cause disruptions in operations immediately force brands and businesses to become sharper, more creative, and more efficient than before. In this session, our CEO panelists will answer questions such as:
  • What consumer behaviors for each life stage are expected after the vaccines are out? 
  • Assuming vaccines are effective, will we ever return to pre-covid consumer behaviors? How will marketing strategies evolve then?  
  • The vaccines for Spanish Flu of 1918-1920 came only in 1945, what if none of the phase 3 covid-vaccine tests make it in 2021? 
  • How do you differentiate your company or your brand in an increasingly commoditized marketplace where competition is everywhere?
  • How can companies crisis-proof their future?

CEO panelists
  • Gary de Ocampo, CEO of Kantar Group
  • Tony Moncupa, Jr., Vice Chair and CEO of Eastwest Bank
  • Victor Paterno, President and CEO of 7-11 Philippines
  • Jerome Ong, President and CEO, CDO Foodsphere

Session 5: November 20, 2PM to 4PM
CEO views on Growing the Business While Building the Culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the norms present in many business' company cultures, many of which were built over several years. Businesses will need to cope with the changes while keeping their values and brand spirit intact. In this session, our CEO panelists will answer questions like:
  • How did you try to grow during the pandemic? 
  • What worked, and what did not work in your company during the pandemic?  
  • How can companies shift to the necessary culture while trying to survive a crisis? How do you find the silver lining and communicate it to your team?
  • How do you improve company culture for remote workers or a combination of remote and on-site operations? 
  • What will do you differently moving forward as we start 2021? How can growth happen in your organization?

CEO panelists
  • Backy Baquiran, President of UNILAB
  • Venus Navalta, CEO of IPG Mediabrands
  • Wick Veloso, President and CEO of Philippine National Bank
  • Benjie Yap, Chairman and CEO of Unilever Philippines

*** All CEO panelists are confirmed but may be subject to change in case of unforeseen circumstances

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November 20, 2020