Learn how Digitization and Digitalization can increase your Brand's value and your Company’s Competitive Advantage.  

We are now experiencing the fourth Industrial Revolution where usage of data and technology can provide a winning advantage to a company. Avoid the danger of becoming obsolete by understanding the quickly evolving marketplace in the digital age.   

Learn from Case Studies across the following Categories: 
Airports - Agency - Books/Publishing - Cosmetics - Direct Selling - Entertainment – FMCG – Game Consoles - Hotel – Ice Cream – Massage/Spa – Remittance - Retail - Schools – Telecom - Transportation

This 2-day DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION course will provide you the universal technology principles that has driven recent business disruptions, and then enable you with a  framework to re-apply success into your company.
  • Day 1 will discuss several digital technologies to understand how they work, the opportunities they open along with the Impact/Risks or challenges in leveraging them. 
  • Day 2 will show how Companies can take advantage of the Digital Age to transform their business to accelerate their growth by providing a framework and several case studies to help you figure out your own Digital Transformation. 
Benefits to the Company:
  • Gain Digital Transformation framework and approaches that enabled businesses to increase relevance and competitiveness in the digital age
  • Up skill your executives with the ability to lead a digital transformation with increased usage of data and leveraging new technology
  • Increase your Right to Win in the marketplace by knowing how the Customers, Channels and Competitors are moving to digital

Benefits to the Participants: 
  • Discover how successful companies have transformed their business processes and models for improved customer experience that accelerated their growth
  • Learn core digital disciplines then identify opportunities and align your digital strategy to your capabilities and competencies
  • Know existing strategies for driving business growth in the new digital economy
Course Flow and Topics to be discussed 
Day 1 
Module 1:  Technology Transforms Business
  • Human Evolution with Tools & Technology
  • Industrial Revolutions
  • Impact of Technology
  • Examples of Digital Transformation
Module 2:  The Elements of Digital Transformations 
  • A Historical perspective
  • Assessing the Landscape
  • Digital Transformation Framework introduction
Module 3:  Innovation and Transformation 
  • The Liability of Incumbency
  • The Economics of Innovation
  • Innovation and Transformation
  • Winning in the Digital Age
  • Drivers of Digital Transformation
Module 4: Opportunities and Challenges of Emerging Trends and Technologies
  • Big data
  • Shift to Cloud
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D Printing
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
Module 5: 9 Ways to increase your Brand (Product or Service) Value
  1. Better
  2. Faster
  3. Cheaper
  4. Closer
  5. Larger/Scale-Mass or Smaller/Niche-VIP
  6. Easier
  7. Rarer
  8. Prestige
  9. Different
Day 2 
Module 6: Transformation Framework
  • Digitization of the Core Business Functions
    • Operations | Value delivery
    • Go-to-Market | ie. Supply Chain, Retailing, HR/Recruitment
    • Support Functions
    • Product & Service Innovation
  • Digitalization of the Business Model
    • The New Retail | OMNI
    • Sharing Economy | Access versus Ownership
    • Automation versus Manual
  • Digital Transformation Enablers
    • People
    • Culture
    • Data and Analytics
    • Technology
    • Ecosystem
Module 7: Driving a Successful Digital Transformation (DT) 
  • Transformation Management is Change Management
  • Initiative Management for Change
    • Discover
    • Design
    • Qualify
    • Ready
    • Launch & Leverage 
Module 8: Defining a Successful Digital Transformation (DT) 
  • Digital Transformation framework Application
  • Digital Transformation yields to Business Transformation
    • Anticipate 
    • Transform
      • DMAIC
      • VSAC
      • CCR
    • Scale
Integrating Exercise: 
Planning for a Successful Digital Transformation Case Study approach of leveraging the Digital Transformation framework for selected companies of the groups with coaching from an Industry expert.   

Target participants:
  • The team who are tasked in defining and building the capabilities needed for their company to grow and thrive in the digital age. A digital transformation is usually composed of Management, Marketing, Sales, IT, Supply Chain, Finance and HR teams.
  • Business leaders who want to learn how other companies started their digital transformation 
Albet Buddahim 
Chief Marketing Capability Strategist 
Albet Buddahim has over 16 years of experience of Sales and Marketing in the Digital Age from Multi-National Company Agencies and Brands. He is currently the CEO of Katapult Digital. Previously, he was the Chief Marketing Officer of L’OREAL; the Chief Digital Officer of IPG Mediabrands Chief (Universal McCann, Ansible, Cadreon, Reprise, Society, Initiative, etc.); the Digital & Business Transformation Head of AVON Philippines; the Digital Director of ZenithOptimedia Philippines (18 Nestle Brands, L’Oreal, Ayala group, Sanofi, BPI, Nissan, etc.); the Digital Marketing Manager of P&G Philippines and later on the Digital Business Platform Leader of P&G Asia; and the Head of Sales & Marketing Solutions for YEHEY! (Chowking, PS Bank, AdMU, Magnolia-Purefoods, Pringles/P&G). 

Albet is a Certified 
Google Ambassador with 2 qualifications to teach how to use Google products, by being a Google Badged Partner and by leading an agency (Katapult Digital) that is a Google Badged Partner.

Albet is also the First Young Market Master Awardee for Digital Business Building by Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. in 2017 and the 2018 Digital Marketer of the Year by CMO 

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May 12, 2020