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“There are no difficult people, just different ones.”

By understanding and knowing how to handle the human differences, your external-facing people (like
salespeople, purchasing personnel) as well as leaders, managers, supervisors and become more effective at
their jobs while minimizing friction. Thus things get accomplished faster and while keeping relationships in

Influencing complements persuasion and negotiation, making both more productive.

Your company will gain...

when used with customers:
- Increased revenues from more and better-executed deals
- Savings from needing to give away a lot of concessions when combined with selling and negotiation
- Preferential treatment by the customer of your salesforce, customer service officers and other
customer-contact human assets

when used with suppliers:
- Savings through concessions gained from the supplier when combined with negotiation
- Preferential treatment of the supplier, specially when needing allocation, customer special
privileges, loose tongues when getting business intel

when used internally:
- getting inter-unit cooperation
- minimizing friction during collaboration, thus getting things accomplished faster
- lessened miscommunication
- reduced silo-mentality and politicking
- industrial harmony

At the end of the seminar-workshop, participants would have:
- understood the differences and adjustments needed between face-to-face and virtual influencing
- learned communication that is:
  o holistic
  o calibrated: to personality, sensitivities (gender, generation and culture), context
- acquired frameworks like
  o the Mansmith Language Wheel that guides communication calibration
  o The Mansmith Guide to Holistic Human Communication
- earned critical confidence points to deal with people beyond one’s comfort zone

Preliminary Game Activity: Self Discovery to Determine Personality Defaults, Generational Affiliations, and
Cultural Backgrounds/Exposures
- Game Briefing
- Game Proper
- Game Processing
- Reflections and Realizations

Part 1A. Framework Input-Communication Situation-Calibration
- Mother Framework: S.S.S.
- Introduction to the Language Wheel
- The 8 Language Wheel Spokes/Bearings: Valence of Pronouns, Turn-ons and Turnoffs, Which works with which Personality/Context
- Contextual Combos

Part 1B2. Workshop Output Discussion - Coming to Terms with Communication Defaults and Discomfort
- Selected Output Presentations
- Reinforcement and Critiquing
- Reflections and Realizations
- Actionable Points and Self-Improvement Commitments

Part 2A: Choices of Words
- Charged Words
  o Negatively-charged Words
  o Positively-Charged Words
  o Neutral Words
- Context Speak
  o Business-speak
  o Casual-speak
  o Literary-speak

Part 2B1. Workshop Activity-“Worthy Words” (Offline)
- Own Email Re-writing based on context
- Minding Charged Words

Part 2B2. Output Discussion-“Worthy Words”
- Presentation of Selected Output
- Reinforcement and Critiquing
- Reflections and Realizations
- Actionable Points and Self-Improvement Commitments

Part 3A: 8 Tonal Bearings
- Demonstration
- When Each Tonal Bearing is Appropriate

Part 3B1: Workshop Activity: Calibrating Tonal Bearings – Paired Participants (Offline)
- Paired Participant Exercise (one-on-one call with recording)
- Peer-to-peer Tool-guided Feedback

Part 3B2. Output Discussion: Calibrating Tonal Bearings
- Presentation of Selected Recorded Output
- Reinforcement and Critiquing
- Reflections and Realizations
- Actionable Points and Self-Improvement Commitments

Part 4A: Cluster Reading Body Language
- Interest, Sincerity, Deception and Aggressiveness
- STORM Contextual Underlay
- FLAB Method
- Introduction to Profiling

Part 4B: Workshop Activity Projecting and Reading Contextually-appropriate Body Language
- FLAB Method Application
  o Peer Reading
  o Third-Party Samples (Video/Pics)
- Reflections and Realizations
- Actionable Points and Self-Improvement Commitments

Learning Summary
- Overall Reflections and Realizations
- Actionable Points and Self-Improvement Commitments

The course utilizes multiple methodologies to cover learning style differences and learning phases from Opening reception, Comprehension, Retention and Sustained Use via framework-anchored tools in a fun, enjoyable experience despite the solid substance being provided. Hence, the course conduct shall make use of the following:

- Live Online
  o Interactive input of Mansmith’s original frameworks and tools
  o Real Stories (examples)
  o Skill Application Lab
  o Participant Output Presentation
  o Facilitator Reinforcement, Critiquing
  o Activity Processing, Realization and Insight Drawing
  o Checkpoints for Reflections and Drawing Actionable Points
- Offline Application Workshops
  o Individual Skill Application Assignments
  o Tool-guided Triad/Dyad exercises

- Salespeople
  o B2B Account Managers/ Officers
  o Key Account Managers/Customer Development Managers/Customer-facing Trade Marketeers
  o Channel Managers/Distributor/Dealer Managers
  o All other Frontline Sales Personnel
  o Sales Engineers/Technical Salespeople (industrial, agriculture, etc)
  o Medical Representatives
  o Relationship Managers
  o Bank Retail Sales Executives/Selling Branch Managers/Account Officers/Loan Officers
- People who negotiate other than salespeople
  o Purchasing personnel
  o Lawyers
  o Corporate Executives/Managers/and other internally collaborative personnel
  o Executive assistants
- Business Entrepreneurs

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Partner and Chief Sales Strategist

26 year-plus veteran of Training, Coaching and Consulting. 28 years of successful sales, buying and negotiation practice, injector of science in the fields of selling, negotiation, sales management, business-to-business marketing, and retail optimization as well as management via his original framework, processes and tools. He is the pioneering developer of the world’s first mathematics of negotiation, strategic nego-mapping methodology, 3D Language Wheel (verbals tones and body language), selling  mechanics as well as systematic account development strategies, tools in a business-to-business setting,  sales management framework, simplified problem solving, effective coordination, the 4 modes of management, conflict resolution, problem solving, effective coordination and smoothen communication in organizations and many more. He provides a 360-degree and multi-dimensional set of perspectives from that of the CEO, middle management, down to that of the front-liner and staff member and has had exposure in almost every industry.

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