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There has been a growing interest in the business model -- what is it and how does one go about designing or redesigning their business model?  

The BUILDING A WINNING BUSINESS MODEL (formerly Business Model Innovation) course will show you concepts, tools, frameworks, methodologies and building blocks behind designing your Business Model.  The seminar will help you do a strategic reflection by looking beyond your existing business model, and learn cases from dozens of industries, including digital transformation and why every manager in the company needs to understand and review their business model.  

Participants shall apply what they have learned during the seminar and present their new business model. 
Participants will get an e-certificate, FREE soft copy of Mansmith's Business Model Map, and handouts (close to 200 slides) plus FREE email consulting with Josiah Go on business model within 30 days after last day of seminar, indispensable support to help you cross the transition from existing industry paradigm to establishing new rules in your industry.

Module 1: 
Designing and Redesigning Your Business
- Where and how to start
- Spotting strengths and weaknesses of a business model
- Redesigning for new market situations: Good product can have bad value chain design (example of 3 popular companies)
- Redesigning when customers can’t afford your product
- Redesigning when aggressive competitors entered your industry
Cases from: Cement, Computers, Digital app, Power tools, Semiconductor, Software,  Restaurants

Selection, Risk Mitigation, Reconfiguration & Innovation
- How some companies grew during Covid19 pandemic
- Selection criteria, and key questions to ask (activity system of business model)
- Over 70+ radars to help you innovate your business model
- Unbundling a business model
- Pitfalls to avoid 
Cases: Banking, Coffee, Chicken, Hair products, Online, Pharma, Shaving, Solar 

Business Model Shift
- When to pivot
- 10 enemies of change
- Where to start pivot
- 5-step to change your business mode
Cases: Appliances, Child care, Education, Fishing, Fashion, Hotel, Hospital, Ice cream, Telecom, Travel, Watch 
- Plus: Lessons learned from my research of how 45 companies from 17 countries survived during the pandemic (nope, not about producing face masks!) 

Digital Business Model Innovation
- Shifting from low tech, traditional business model to digital business model
- Using competencies to create a new business
- When high price model is not sustainable
- The importance of culture in business model
Cases: Car Rental,  Entertainment, Rubber, Hotel, Money lending, Silicone rubber, Supermarket

Evaluating and Redirecting Your Business Model
- Transforming your old business model to new business model
Presenting your old vs. new business model

- Lecture
- Small Group Discussion
- Reflection
- Short AVP
- Presentation
- Q&A

1. Business people who want to improve their business holistically.
2. Innovators who want to link innovation within the business model.
3. Entrepreneurs who need to understand how to sustain revenue and lower cost.
4. Start-up owners who are designing their business.
5. Marketers who want to understand beyond the offering of the company.
6. Operations people who want to align their link to the company’s offer.
7. Analyst who need to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of a business.
8. Bankers and credit committee members who need to understand the business of their commercial loan applicants and clients.


Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist

Josiah Go is the Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., and Chairman of Waters Philippines (the market leader in the direct selling of premium home water purifiers in the Philippines). He is Chairman / Vice Chairman / Director of over a dozen companies. He is thought leader with 18 bestselling and recordbreaking marketing and entrepreneurship books, as well as the most awarded business educator of the Philippines having been recognized as one of the Agora Awardees in 1994, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2001, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World in 2002 (the 1st and only Filipino in Business Education given by World JCI in a competition of over 1,000 TOYMs), and one of only two Lifetime Achievement Awardees by the Association of Marketing Educators (2007), the youngest marketing educator to be bestowed this honor. He was also given the Brand Leadership Award during the World Brand Congress in India (2009). His accomplishments were recognized by the international community where he has been included in the 10th edition of the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (England). He is an Executive Scholar of the Kellogg Business School (in Marketing and Sales Management) as well as the MIT Sloan (in Strategy and Innovation). He also took advance marketing programs at Harvard, Wharton and at the London Business School.

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