Selling in a Hyper-Connected World:
How to use digital tools plus a dash of creativity to animately engage with customers in the new normal.
By: Emilio Macasaet III

March 19, 2021 (9am-12nn)

This 3-hour synchronous virtual learning session provides participants new perspectives and tools to pivot in the new normal. Generous case examples and video clips are presented to enhance the learning process. Includes breakout sessions and Q&A.

Module #1: The New Customer Decision Journey
The pandemic has led many buyers to alter the way they buy. Top sales performers understood this, and responded much better than their not-so-performing peers. They learned how to streamline the buying process by capturing insights and integrating them back to their sales approaches.
1. Creativity in the new normal
2. The New Customer Decision Journey (CDJ)
3. How to formulate sales strategies from the new CDJ
4. Case Illustrations

Module #2: The Digital Story Telling
Remote and blended customer engagement pose a great challenge to salespeople who are not digitally prepared. Today, top sales performers don’t sell. They tell a story. They use digital tools to gather data, obtain insights, and craft a compelling narrative for their customers.
1. How sales organizations leverage on digital tools
2. StoryTelling versus Selling
3. Guide to Digital StoryTelling
4. Case Illustrations

Who should Attend: Those who are in Sales, Marketing, and Sales Information Systems.

1 participant - P2,500 + vat
3 participants - P5,000 + vat
6 participants - P9,000 + vat

First payment, first confirmation policy. Limited slots.

How much to pay for each course?

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P5,000 + vat for 3 participants

P5,000 + vat for 3 participants. P1,666 + vat for 4th to 5th participant.



P9,000 + vat for 6 participants

P9,000 + vat for 6 participants. P1,500 + vat in excess of 6 participants.




March 17, 2021